5 Best Cricket Bats in India – English Willow Edition

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I was consistently receiving emails from the page followers and the Official Facebook Page asking for suggestions on rightly choosing the Cricket Bat. So here I am with the recommended list of Cricket Bats which are there to buy Online. Here I am with the list of 5 Best Cricket Bats- English Willow edition. Soon, I will be publishing the list for Kashmir Willow Bats and Other Creat gears. So before seeing the List, Let us see What is English Willow Cricket Bats and some useful tips on how to maintain the Bat.


What is English Willow Cricket Bats?

The bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a variety of White Willow called Cricket Bat Willow treated with raw (unboiled) linseed oil, which has a protective function. This variety of willow is used as it is very tough and shock-resistant, not being significantly dented or splintering on the impact of a cricket ball at high speed, while also being light in weight. The face of the bat is often covered with a protective film by the user. [SOURCE – WIKIPEDIA]



English Willow Cricket Bats are relatively lighter in weight and are perfect for leather Balls played in Cricket Pitches.

These Bats need thorough seasoning or Knock in with Oil or Hammer

Markets are filled with Duplicate and Fake bats, so be more alert when picking up a Cricket Bat.

I have done my thorough research, gone through many reviews and personal experience while making this list of Cricket bats.

Use  Cricket Gear Buying Guide of Amazon to select the right Size and Weight of the Cricket Bat.


How to Knock in a Cricket Bat?

When first purchased, most bats are not ready for immediate use and require knocking-in to allow the soft fibers to strike a hard new cricket ball without causing damage to the bat, and allowing full power to be transferred to the shot.

Knocking in can be done through Linseed oil or through hammer. Here I have provided you a recommended Hammer, which is popularly used.


5 Best English Willow Cricket Bats

1.GM Dynamite English Willow Cricket Bat


Points to Note before Buying:

  • It’s a Killer bat with a lighter weight and smooth pickup.
  • A perfect bat for people who looks for a lighter bat.
  • Shorter handle makes it better for Shorter people.
  • Can be played with both leather and hard tennis balls.
  • Powerful spot in the middle and needs Knockin in

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