Who has Caught the Highest Catch in Cricket? – A Guinness Record in Cricket History

Highest Catch in Cricket

The highest catch of a cricket ball is 62 m (203 ft 4.9 in) was achieved by Kristan Baumgartner (UK) in Windsor, UK, on 30 November 2016. Prior to that, the Guinness Record for the Highest Catch of a Cricket Ball was held by the Former England Captain, Nasser Hussain.

Guinness Record for the Highest Catch in Cricket

Nasser Hussain has always been an enthusiastic Cricketer who never missed to show his funny side in Cricket. Nasser Hussain’s Twitter Handle is so popular among the Cricket Fans and, he never missed out an opportunity to spread out a funny tweet in many occasions.

Once, Nasser Hussain tried to get a place in the Guinness World Record for the Highest Catch in Cricket and done it successfully. He has attempted it very casually and came with a record of completing a catch of 150 feet. Drone Machine is Used to Drop down the Ball during this Occasion.

Watch the Video below. 

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Watch Nasser Hussain attempting a Guinness Record at Lords Cricket Ground:


The Third Attempt was really funny. Right?

Well, this record had not longed too long as an English Cricketer himself came forward to successfully beat Nasser’s record.

Kristan Baumgartner, a cricketer from the United Kingdom, managed to break the record when he caught the swirling ball at the Windsor Cricket Club Ground from an unreal height of 69 meters.

Source: Guinness Records


Now it’s your time… Comment Below on Which Indian Fielder can beat this Guinness Record for the Highest Catch in Cricket? Catch it?


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