Most Balls Faced by a Batsman in Cricket

Most Balls faced in Cricket

Cricindeed is back in what it does best. Decoding the Cricket Records has always been a rapture. The One thing, any Batsmen never liked in Cricket is getting Out. But not every Batsmen has been very successful than very few Elite Batsmen in ‘not getting Out’. So here I am with a little Research and Analysis on the players who have faced Most Balls in Test and ODI Cricket.

Most Balls Faced by a player in Test Matches

India’s Former Captain, The Wall aka Rahul Dravid is the player who holds the record for Most Balls faced in Test Cricket. Rahul Dravid has played many “longer Innings in Cricket” and provided us with many “Great Moments in Indian Cricket“. Rahul Dravid has played 164 tests for India and has faced 31,258 balls to score a total of 13,288 Test Runs at an average of 52.31 with 36 hundreds.

This is definitely one of the biggest feats in Cricket History, which will be there in existence for a considerably longer period, thanks to the fall-down in the number of Test Matches played these days. Also, the players who are near Dravid’s mighty number were all retired from International Cricket.



Rahul Dravid1996-201216431258
Sachin Tendulkar1989-201320029437
Jacques Kallis1995-201316628903
Shivnarine Chanderpaul1994-201516427395
Allan Border1978-199415627002
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Rahul Dravid is at the 4th position of Most runs in Test Cricket.

Rahul Dravid is also the only player in Cricket History to face more than 30000 balls in Test Cricket.

In the Current Generation of Cricketers, Cheteshwar Pujara from India and Kane Williamson from New Zealand may have the right ability to come near Rahul Dravid’s feet.

Rahul Dravid consumed 46,563 balls in his splendid career and the bulk of it(31,258) came from the Tests. Well, you can only face so many deliveries if you play Test Cricket consistently over a long period of time as the shorter formats don’t encourage this style of playing because you tend to become a liability in case you aren’t striking it over 100.


Most Balls Faced by a player in a Single Test Innings

This is an another interesting Cricket Record which I came after. The Record for Most Balls Faced by a Player in a single Test Innings belongs to Sir Leonard Hutton of England.

Len Hutton


Leonard Hutton faced 847 balls in a single Test Innings against Australia when he scored 364 runs in the Ashes Trophy Match.

This marathon innings of Sir Hutton had also helped England won by an innings and 579 runs.


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Also, during this Marathon Innings, Hutton had also created a history then, by beating Don Bradman’s Highest Score of 334 in Test Matches which was a record then.

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Interesting Trivia

Maximum Balls faced in Test Cricket in an Innings by an Indian Batsman: Cheteshwar Pujara – 525 Balls  (672 Mins) against Australia in Ranchi (202 Runs).

Maximum Balls faced by a Batsman against India in a Test Innings:  Sanath Jayasuriya – 578 Balls (340 Runs)


Most Balls Faced by a Player in ODI Cricket

When it comes to ODI Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has a habit of sweeping it all. Indeed!!! He didn’t shy away from holding the record of Most Balls Faced in ODI Career.

Sachin Tendulkar has faced 21367 Balls in his ODI Career. In fact, he is the only player in ODI Cricket to face more than 20000 Balls.

Sachin Tendulkar is the only player in Cricket History to play more than 50000 Balls in Cricket History.


Check Sachin’s Complete Batting Records in One Picture here – Infography on Sachin’s Batting Records


S TENDULKAR (IND)1989-20124632136718426
K SANGAKKARA (SL)2000-20154041804814234
R PONTING (AUS)1995-20123751704613704
M JAYAWARDANE (SL)1998-20154481602012650
J KALLIS (SA)1996-20143281588511579
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The Current Generation of Players who are still playing and near Sachin’s Record are:

MS Dhoni: 10991 Balls

Chris Gayle: 10861 Balls

Yuvraj Singh: 9924 Balls

Virat Kohli: 9366 Balls.

AB De Villiers: 9295 Balls

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Most Balls faced by a player in an ODI innings

Now comes a record which is an interesting feat in Cricket History., who holds the record for Most balls faced by a batsman in an ODI Match.

It should be a challenging task for a Batsman to bat maximum balls in an innings which has the maximum of 300 Balls. Before getting into the answer, anyone’s guess will be it could be an Opening Batsman who must have carried on his bat.

If you do, you have guessed it right. It is Glenn Turner, an Opening Batsman from New Zealand who holds the record of Most Balls faced in an ODI Innings. He had faced 201 Balls to score unbeaten 171 runs in a match against East Africa on 1975.

Interestingly, Glenn Turner also holds the 2nd place in the list. This time against India, he had faced 177 balls ending up with a score of unbeaten 114 runs.

Most Balls Faced in A SINGLE ODI MATCH

An Important thing to look into this List is the last column where you can find the Type of Matches played. 

The Top 5 Players in the list had an advantage of playing a 60 Overs a side match. 

Sunil Gavaskar’s famous Marathon Innings against England also belong to the top 5 list of Most Balls faced by a player in a single ODI Match.

Most Balls Faced by a Player in a 50 Overs ODI Match is by Rohit Sharma in his record breaking match.

Rohit Sharma faced 173 Balls out of 300 Balls to score the mightiest 264 Runs against Sri Lanka, which is the record for Highest Score in an ODI Match till now.


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