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1xBet Mobile App for iOS and Android – How to download?

How to Download 1xbet to Your Android or iOS Device?

This company is a leader in sports betting management. 1xBet Download App the organization has been running Totocalcio and Totogol prediction competitions for several years, as well as lottery orders such as BIG Show, BIG Match, BIG race. Since 2004, this important national gambling body has also been the concessionaire of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies in the field of telematic management of legalized games with various gaming tools.

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After acquiring the concession for the management of New Slots, the 1xbet download group has updated the terms of cooperation with its 400 concession agencies located throughout India, which in turn have updated the products and services offered according to the new types of games introduced.

In June 2015, the bookmaker also signed an agreement with Cogemat, which involves a combination of activities. This agreement expands the horse racing and sports betting sector. However, 1xbet has also introduced Iziplay into its affiliate program this year by acquiring a portion of the stakes. It appears that the emergence of Iziplay has given a powerful push and a strong improvement to the mobile platform.

As a company with an international reach, it meets all standards in the scope of the proposed offer. Indian players should not be disappointed with its size. The apple of 1xbet’s eye is obviously football, so for most league matches in the largest European leagues, more than 200 bets are available within one match. In the case of hit matches and championships, the number reaches up to 300 selections. On foreign markets, plants are burdened with a low margin.

This bookmaker offers relatively high conversion rates for volleyball and basketball matches and an impressive number of tennis matches to bet on. A completely normal situation is when we can bet several dozen matches every day, not only at the ATP and WTA tournaments, but also at the Challengers and ITF tournaments.

The bookmaker is also not indifferent to combat sports, MMA and e-sports. We can also bet on electronic sports, including League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Valorant, Starcraft and Rainbow Six. Fans of cricket, table tennis or other niche sports will also not have reasons to worry. We believe that there is a good chance that virtual sport will function on the Indian market on a similar scale. At the moment, the set of available disciplines are: football, dog racing, horse racing, chariot racing, motorbike racing and cycling.

The scope of the internet offer review

A lot of information appearing on industry websites and blogs suggests that 1xbet app download for android will create a unique offer for many disciplines. As one of the newest players on the market, the sportsbook can closely follow the offer of other companies, as well as read players’ comments. Realizing that for 1xbet players’ ratings will be the best possible recommendation at the beginning of the business, this bookmaker must prepare a complete betting package for many disciplines and markets. For 1xbet, opinions about the bookmaker will also be formed on the basis of the odds. The rule is simple – the higher the odds, the happier the players. A business decision in this category has to be made as a result of a compromise between high odds and an appropriate margin, enabling the bookmaker to develop in the future.

The scope of the internet offer should go beyond the scope of sports competitions. Currently, many players make betting on all kinds of social and cultural events. These are interesting markets, offering opportunities for high profits and diversification of the offer. For the bookmaker, the opinions often indicate that this is the direction of expanding the range of bets. Predicting the result of presidential elections or winners of music competitions is becoming a popular way to increase the attractiveness of the bookmaker among customers.

Platform for devices with an operating system from Apple and Google

This organization ranks well in our rankings, and of course the fact that it offers a mobile app helps it get positive reviews. 1xbet apk is integrated with popular operating systems for gadgets. The 1xbet app allows you to use the entire set of terminal options. You can download the 1xbet app from the AppStore. Owners of devices with an operating system from Google can download 1xbet apk on the betting platform.

How to get permanent status?

The process of creating an account is as simple as possible. After entering personal data and verification, it becomes possible to use all the functionality of the platform.

To get a profile of a permanent better, you must specify:

  • Bank account number;
  • Scan of two pages of ID card;
  • Address;
  • Social security number.

On the plus side, we noted that the permanent account was confirmed within 15 minutes and there were no problems with confirming the documents. To sum up, registration at is smooth.

Payment methods

At 1xbet mobile, money can be deposited using popular payment systems, as well as BLIK and Dotpay. Bank transfer and BLIK run smoothly. The Dotpay option often does not work, so we encourage you to use the first two options. The payment to the player’s account is immediate regardless of the day of the week.

Customer Service

While writing the review, we checked how customer service works several times. We have rather positive opinions about 1xbet’s support, but it’s not perfect. First, we connected to live chat. We didn’t have to wait long for the consultant to appear and usually we got satisfactory answers. Once, however, we received contradictory information (whether we will get all the start bonuses during temporary registration). However, the consultants in general deserve praise. Their responses were substantive, quick and polite.

At 1xbet, we can also ask a question using the contact form. We asked about live bets and that broadcasts are not working after logging in. We got the answer (with the information that you have to place the bet a week back) after 4 minutes.

The only thing missing is telephone contact. This option is standard among foreign operators, so it is a pity that 1xbet app android has not yet rivaled the top of European bookmakers in this respect. However, our attention was drawn to an extensive FAQ, in which we found answers to most of the questions. It is divided into tabs for gambling, wagering, virtual sports, bonuses, mobile and live offer.

Customer support is very helpful. In the chat, we got answers after a few seconds. They were kind and the consultants were nice. A big plus for the extensive FAQ and ABC of the Player. We rated 1xbet’s support at 9 points.

How to bet? Beginner Tips

With many years of experience in sports betting interspersed with a string of wins and losses, we have decided to present you with some practical tips that will certainly be useful when taking the first steps in this industry. We hope that many of you will find this article helpful.

7 practical tips for beginners

Sufficient deposit

Initial capital is extremely important for those who are taking their first steps in gambling. The more capital, the more chances you have to hit the big jackpot. It’s a bad idea to bet on the last money.

Reasonable rates are the key to success

This concept is the key to success in sports betting. Many players have pretty good hit stats, but they usually end the month in the red. Why? Due to incompetent selection of rates. A popular method among bookmakers is to mark up their tips on a scale from 1/10 to 10/10, where 1/10 is the minimum bet and the theoretically highest risk event, and 10/10 is the maximum bet.

Concentrate on a few disciplines in which you feel your strongest

At the initial stage, we advise you to focus 1xbet download apk on one/two disciplines and become experts in them. In the modern world, specialization, an outstanding position in any field, is important. In bookmakers, the principle is the same: we advise you to choose a certain sport, or even better a specific league, and concentrate on it as much as possible.

Analysis and again analysis.

Prepare each of your types with an in-depth analysis of the selected event, get the maximum amount of information about it from a variety of sources. Take a look at professional betting sites and check out the analyzes of successful bettors with high returns. Use odds comparison sites to check how others are gambling.

Don’t be afraid to bet big

Many less experienced players panic when they see a slightly higher rate, although the world’s best forecasters make a fortune on this – in detecting and exploiting a bookmaker’s error when setting odds.

Think, be observant

Creative thinking will pay off 1xbet com app over the years. When you gain experience, you will be able to identify certain patterns that you did not notice at the beginning of your journey. Sports gambling is a job in which you are constantly developing and gaining experience.

Keep a history of bids and analyze your performance

Very few players follow this rule. Professional forecasters keep a kind of bookkeeping that allows them to keep track of their actions. In this way, they can eliminate their greatest shortcomings and increase their virtues.

How to save money in sports betting?

Everyone who comes to play gambling naturally sets themselves the goal of raising the bank and earning big money. But it should be noted that only a few become truly professional cappers, the rest simply lose money, losing their bank again and again.

Beginning players, after playing for some time, already believe that they have gained enough experience and know how to stop losing money on bets, but losing again and again they wonder why they can’t hit the big jackpot, but just waste money.

Beginning bettors must understand that sooner or later they will lose, and from this loss they must draw conclusions and gain positive experience. It will not work to always go into the plus, because in order to foresee the outcome of an event, you need not only a thorough analysis, but a bit of luck – there can always be force majeure.

The art of betting requires a lot of learning and a lot of effort, but this is the only way a player can figure out how to save money in sports gambling. In the process of learning and playing, the bettor must control his emotions and psychological state, excessive excitement and an irresistible desire to recoup will lead to deplorable zeros on the deposit.

A fatal mistake can be a sharp 1xbet app apk increase in the amount of the bet. After several winning predictions, the player sharply increases the budget of the bet, while experiencing psychological difficulties in making a decision, since he bets not small amounts of money. To avoid such a problem, the size of rates should be increased gradually, without making rash decisions.

It is very difficult to make correct predictions with excessive psychological pressure, this happens when a capper decides to make betting not an additional source of income, but the main one. Excessive fear of losing their livelihood puts additional pressure on the player, thoughts about how to keep the bank in bets do not allow a qualitative analysis of the upcoming event, and this leads to deplorable results when playing at a bookmaker’s office.

To become a successful player and have a permanent plus to your bank, you need to:

  • play with a cool head, push emotions and excitement into the background;
  • increase the amount gradually, do not make sudden jumps, even with a long winning streak;
  • if you decide to make betting a means of additional income, so be it, do not make your life dependent on the outcome of the chosen event.

Understanding that even a 100% bet can burn out will help the player overcome the psychological barrier with an undesirable minus, and approach the next forecast more professionally and efficiently.


In our opinion, 1xbet download app definitely deserves a place in the top 5 of the best legal Indian bookmakers. It is distinguished by a very good sports offer for almost all disciplines except volleyball. The sportsbook also knows how important an attractive welcome offer is and has prepared a special risk-free bet for the players. In addition, the bookmaker can leave players with him, which is influenced by a very well-functioning application and numerous promotions described by us, which regularly increase the chances of more favorable bets. A particularly important advantage of this bookmaker is one of the highest odds in the Indian market and happy hours, thanks to which the game is not taxed.

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