5 Killer AB de Villiers Shots that make him Unstoppable

4. Slogger sweep

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Being a No. 4 in T20s, most of the time, ABD is press-ganged for the role to do away with the early collapses. However, during the middle overs, the seasoned campaigner of the slogger sweep breathed a sigh of relief with this shot whenever the run-rate pressure arose. 

Unlike most other spin power hitters, he doesn’t need to wait for the fuller ball as the sweep shot is his natural asset. 

Since he is too quick to cover the line of the ball, there is no specific line to stop him from sweeping.

Inarticle 80

In addition to these x-factors, his mesmerizing flexibility also gives him the upper hand to even dispatch the stock deliveries of perfect spinners over the midwicket region. 

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