5 Killer AB de Villiers Shots that make him Unstoppable

5. Reverse sweep

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Among the two different types of reverse sweep ABD plays, we are talking about the one which he uses against the pacers. 

It is completely a predetermined shot, which ABD fancies to go for when the third man is up in the circle. However, unlike his other shots, he uses a wide stance to make this shot really work. 

When the ball steams faster, ABD guides the ball that could bisect the third man and backward point. And, when he has enough time, he whips it to make the ball go over the third man- mostly, they have gone for the maximum. 

Eventually, ABD’s audacious and optimistic nature makes him the successful customer of this stroke. 

To Wrap up

The problem with the batters with the most number of shots is their consistency. In the middle of showcasing everything they have got, they can lose their wicket as paying the price. Jos Buttler, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant are the few that come under this category. 

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But ABD is completely different. The more he plays the variety of shots, the more his adrenaline pumps. So, on the whole, cricket gets high-octane entertainment whenever this South African is at his best.

Abraham Benjamin De Villiers, WHAT A PLAYER !!!

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