5 Iconic Cricket Images in the history of Cricket

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Cricket is the game with lot of emotions. Batsman scoring centuries, last over thrillers, sledging in the middle makes cricket more than just a game. Some moments in the game stays with us for a very long time. Some moments would have made a greater impact in the games long lasting history. Lets look at some of the Iconic Cricket Images in the history of Cricket.

5 Iconic Cricket Images

Jonty, the Superman.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, its jonty..

Jonty Rhodes best fielding

Jonty Rhodes must be the greatest fielder, the game has ever seen yet. He had involved in a plenty of awestruck catches and run-outs. But his best of best came in 1992 world cup game against Pakistan. Inzamam, the other player who was famous for run outs, but in a negative way, was part of that incident too.

In the 31st over of Pakistan’s chase, Inzamam missed a heave to leg off Brian McMillan, but took off for a leg-bye even as Imran, the non-striker, took a couple of strides and then stopped.  Sprinting in from a fairly deep backward point, Rhodes swooped down on the ball, grabbed it in his right hand – all the while closing in on the stumps – and then, ball in hand, charged madly towards the wickets even as Inzamam, who had already run one-third the way down the pitch, desperately tried to turn back and make his ground.

An under-arm throw would have done the job, but Rhodes went for something far more spectacular and memorable: he threw himself at the stumps, both feet off the ground and body completely parallel to the ground. All three stumps were knocked to the ground, Inzamam was marginally short of the crease, and for a moment, South Africa had Superman in their line-up.

“There was a 50% chance that I’d hit the stumps if I threw, and a 100% chance of hitting the stumps with ball in hand. The fastest way I could cover the last metre and a half was head-first. It was just the right thing to do at the time.”

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Brian Lara 400

Brian Lara 400

Now comes a moment which had a batsman scoring a century. Nor a double or trible, but a quadruple . Did u believe it when first heard of it. A batsman scoring 400 runs by himself in an innings


On April, 2004, Lara became the first player to score 400 in an innings. Still nobody has ever came close to the record. It is standing still for almost 13 years. Even though he was appreciated for his dedicated and mountain innings, he was critically slammed for his selfish run feast leading the game to draw rather than going for a victory. the then Australian captain Ponting quoted,

“It’s generally not the way we play our cricket. Their whole first innings might have been geared around one individual performance and they could have let a Test match slip because of it. They ran out of time in the game – that’s not the way the Australian team plays.”

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Underarm bowling incident of 1981

Trevor Chappell's underarm ball

This must be the most controversial thing happened in the history of the game.

With one ball of the final over remaining, New Zealand required a six to draw the match. But the Captain Australia, Greg Chappell, had a different idea altogether. He instructed Trevor Chappell, the last over bowler and the Greg’s cousin, to bowl an underarm ball. This might be unfair on  basis with cricketing spirit, but then at those times, the underarm bowling was legal.

As the ball was being bowled, Ian Chappell (older brother of Greg and Trevor, and a former Australian captain), who was commentating on the match, was heard to call out

“No, Greg, no, you can’t do that”

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Final Over Tragedy

Australia VS South Africa games have always created some classics. This match, on top of all that was one of the best ODI match, the game has ever seen.

On chasing Australia’s 213, SA were going well by the heroics of Lance Klusener, who was batting brilliantly. After two successive boundaries of Damien Fleming’s final over, Australia needed 1 run off 3 balls with 1 wicket in hand. And then happens the comedy of errors. Quoted by Fleming, as of follows…

“After Lehmann’s miss the batsmen didn’t chat and a few guys said Klusener was asking the umpire what the score was. The scores were tied and the pressure seemed to be back on the batsmen. The final ball was the perfect yorker, Klusener mishit it and I sensed he was running, but Donald stayed. Fortunately the ball went to Mark Waugh, who was running in from mid-off, and he flicked it back to me. I did a slow underarm down the pitch and Adam Gilchrist waited and waited.”


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World Record Run Chase


Record run chase

Another match involving Australia and South Africa find its place in one of the Iconic moments on 12th March, 2006. This time, the match ended with a different result. On contrary, SA ended up on winning side.

On chasing Australia’s World record total of 434/4 in 50 overs, SA chased it successfully with one wicket and one ball to spare. Just imagine the impact that had created on Cricket Scoring after that day. 400s had become casual. Cricket Australia cant take it easily, as their world record score got beaten on the same day.

Independent Online media of South Africa rightly quoted the match as

the greatest match ever played

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