5 Batsmen with 900 Rating Points in both ODI & Test Cricket

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Rating Points in Cricket are one way to find the best of players in any format of Cricket.

For Batsmen, the rating points are simple.

It ranges from 0-1000.

Batsmen with 500+ Ratings are decent enough.

If a batsman moves to 750+, he is capable of reaching the top-20 Batsmen.

And when a batsman crosses the 900 Rating points mark, he is already a legend. It is as simple as it is.

You can read CricIndeed’s definite guide on “How ICC Rankings are calculated?” to know deep into this topic.


Currently, there are 12 Batsmen who have reached the 900 mark in ODI Batsmen ratings; 31 batsmen in Test Cricket.

Out of all, only 5 Players have reached 900+ Batsmen ratings in both Test Cricket and ODI.

I call them, the super-legends!

Here we go, let us see them one by one.


1. Viv Richards

players with 900 rating points in odi and test - Viv Richards
Viv Richards

Sir Vivian Richards can rightly be called the ODI Monster.

He holds the record for the highest ever Rating in Points in ODI by a batsman, which is 935.

And here is one of Richards’ ODI record, which shows his greatness in the white-ball cricket.

Also, he ranks at No.7 with 938 Points in the all-time Test batting rankings.


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2. Brian Lara

players with 900 rating points in odi and test - Brian Lara
Brian Lara

Another classic batsman, who once again is a West Indian Batsman, Brian Lara played both test and ODI cricket equally great, therefore reaching into this elite list of batsmen.

The Only left-hander in this list, Lara’s ODI Rating points of 908 was the best in the last 25 years, until Virat Kohli, the Indian Captain, broke it very recently.

Brian Lara, the highest individual scorer in an innings in Test Cricket, stands at 27th place in the All-time list of Test ratings for Batsmen.



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3. AB de Villiers

players with 900 rating points in odi and test - ABD
AB de Villiers

The South African cricketer, AB de Villiers, was the first batsman in Cricket to reach 900 Rating points in ODI and Tests, concurrently.

At 2015, when ABD reached the 900 mark in ODI, he was also there at 900+ ratings in Test Cricket.

AB De Villiers, who has retired from International Cricket, has shown his interest in playing IPL for few more years.

Check: AB de Villiers record in Pink Jersey for South Africa



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4. Hasim Amla

players with 900 rating points in odi and test - Hasim Amla
Hasim Amla

Another South African batsman, Hasim Amla, reached this feat of 900 Rating points in both Tests & ODI 5 years back at 2013.

He is one of the very few players, who have been at the top of the game with 50+ Averages in both Test & ODI.

Currently ranking at 12 in ODI Batsmen Rankings, Hasim Amla is undergoing a low phase in his career.



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5. Virat Kohli

players with 900 rating points in odi and test - Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

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The Recent entrant to this list and the expected candidate to beat Viv Richards record for the all-time highest batting rating points in ODI is Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli, like AB de Villiers, is the 2nd batsman to reach 900 Ratings in Test & ODI concurrently.

You can read our Virat Kohli’s Performances Analysis – Year by Year to understand how he was able to reach at this point in Cricket.


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