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5 Best Cricket Batting Gloves to buy online in 2021

Got an issue selecting the right pair of Cricket batting gloves? Here we present you with the best and cheap batting gloves available online.

How do you select the best and perfect batting gloves?

Firstly, it must suit the need of the cricketer. And when it comes to batting gloves, it must serve well the type of batsman who wears it.

You should understand that if a pair of gloves looked just fine and completely satisfies your teammate, it doesn’t mean that you should right away go for it.

You should carefully find out the best pair of gloves for your hands. It also goes with the Cricket Bat you use and the type of batsman you are; Everything matters.

Say you are a Slogger, you should pick the lightest of gloves to make your swing of the bat, more feasible.

If you are a player, who likes to push a ball or just glance it away, then go for new balanced weighted batting gloves, which can also work better with your mid-weight bat.

Ok, now let’s get into the top-5 batting gloves available online for sale!

1. Whitedot Dot 1.0 Cricket Batting Gloves

You can buy this pair of gloves here!!!

Talking Points

  • When it comes to comfort, this product is equivalent to the top players.
  • This is one of the best sellers among the batting gloves bought online.
  • It’s perfect fit and the comfortability are its selling point and they will not disappoint you even after a year of use.


  • Fit & Comfortability
  • Value for money.

2. SG Ecolite LH Batting Gloves

You can buy this pair of gloves here!!!

Talking Points

  • When it comes to batting gloves, SG provides astonishing variants, and you can pick the right one for you based on your need.
  • And this one is for the light-weighted lovers, which is one of a gem in that variant.
  • This is one of the best batting gloves for left-handed batters who like to play with lightweight gloves with all its juice.
  • You will feel the lightweight of it only when you come to carry it.
  • Also comes with superb comfort and fit, and that makes it one absolute choice.


  • Comfort & Fit
  • Extremely light weighted

3. SG Test Batting Gloves

You can buy this pair of gloves here!!!

Talking Points

  • Test edition in Batting gloves is so famous as every brand started their own test edition to their kitty. But SG came up with this brilliant product on the market in this name.
  • It comes at a very reasonable price of around 1k and it is an absolute piece of excellence in it.
  • It looks great for its price.
  • Comfort at the sides and the harder grip areas make this product stand out from most of the other products in the market.
  • I personally used it for a longer period to understand its durability too. Much recommended.


  • One of the Cheapest Batting Gloves available in Market.
  • Looked great with additional protection at the sides.
  • Comfort and durable

4. BAS Vampire Pro Batting Gloves- Limited Edition

You can buy this pair of gloves here!

Talking Points

  • Another amazing pair of gloves, with the right pricing.
  • The extra protection on all fingers makes it look a little big to eyes, but it’s quality and comfort takes the pain away.
  • The material used is: Korean PU Foam filled calfskin square rolls


  • Easily the best fitting and comfortable pair of gloves I played with.
  • Extra protection on the bottom hand.

5. SG Cricket Litevate White RH Batting Gloves

You can buy this pair of gloves here!

Talking Points

  • Another personal favorite of mine – made with high quality leather palm.
  • It is a little expensive but worth every penny.
  • It has got a split thumb and three piece side bar protection in bottom hand.
  • It suits the longer format as it rightly suits the longer game time.
  • Brilliant dense soft material which makes you feel the softness in your palm when you wear it.


  • Longer Format Suitable
  • That softest feel at the palm when you drive the ball.

To Close

These 5 batting gloves are definitely few of the best and cheap gloves available in the market and you should be very careful when selecting the right size and fit for you.

You can also find the separate gloves option for left-handers.

Only personally used batting gloves are selected for this article.

Feedbacks are welcome, and you can comment your questions below in the comment section.


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