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Guide: Betting from India – What you need to know?

Are you interested in betting in India? Stay tuned, because we are going to cover this topic in detail. India is a country that loves cricket, but what about betting? Have you ever wondered how one can bet while in this country?

Let’s take a look at it in this review! But first we will introduce you to the best online bookmakers of India. Enjoy with bookmakers that offer the best bonuses and odds.

Bonus: Here are few best cricket betting apps in India list from which you can register:

How many bookmakers can I access from India?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that not all bookmakers accept users, not all of them are in Hindi and not all of them are equally good.

However, there are hundreds of bookmakers that do meet these characteristics. So why don’t you try some of them and start comparing the odds they can offer you?

In addition, since India does not have a tight market around those who are licensed, since there is no regulation of Internet gambling in the country, many bookmakers are free to operate from their homes without many restrictions.

Some considerations about betting in India

It is worth noting that India is a country with a strong national gj cricket team with championship titles as well as other awards.

Therefore, the national cricket team, as well as various teams stimulate a growing interest in betting on matches in a format other than the betting pool.

However, India is one of the many countries in Asia where the spread of the use of new technology does not go hand in hand with the regulation of online gambling.

So we face a limited market, not so much in terms of operator offerings, but in terms of convenience and personalized services for users.

Recommended online bookmakers

There are many of them. If you are a fan of teams such as the Gujarat Titans or many others playing in the first division, there are several bookmakers in India that offer bets on the premier league and, of course, on many other competitions and sports.

However, not all of them accept users from unregulated markets. This is the case with bwin, although their position is far from the norm.

However, most foreign bookmakers welcome the registration of users from India on their app.

That is why one of the Indian cricket betting app list, as usual, is bet365, as it offers a good number of markets, event broadcasting services, live betting and very interesting promotions, such as the welcome bonus in rupees.

Online bookmakers such as Dafabet or 888sport, which are other major international competitors, offer much higher odds.

They also provide many different betting modes, as well as betting support services and other online games, making their offerings more extensive than simple betting services.

Betting in person and betting online in India

Currently, the number of users who prefer to bet from the comfort of their own homes is much higher than those who bet at fixed store betting stores.

But, as has happened in many other countries, the growth of the sector and the transformation of online betting into as popular an alternative as the betting pool itself is a matter of time.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to bet on your favorite foreign team, the national pool, despite having a website, does not cover international competitions at a level close to what a betting site like betfair does.

20bet, linebet or 22bet are other strong bookmakers, usually accessed from India.

First of all, it is not recommended to stop at only the three or four most famous ones, because there are actually many very good bookmakers, with odds and promotions that are sometimes more attractive than those of other competitors.

Gambling in India: find out what the situation is

According to recent data, there are not many casinos or gambling halls in India, although there are a decent number of slot machines (about one for every 450 inhabitants).

Thus, this service has a monopoly on cricket betting, although it offers very limited services compared to online bookmakers operating from abroad.

Recent studies also claim that the percentage of people betting online in India is well below 10%, which leaves us in the market, as they say, “in development”.

Is online gambling regulated in India?

In recent months it seems that the Indian government wants to do everything at once:

  • Establish a general framework for gambling
  • Provide the state with the necessary tools to regulate this area.

This regulation will include all aspects (sanctions, money laundering, powers, taxation, gambling addiction, etc.). It would also affect casinos (both mixed and private), slot machines, secure online gambling and betting operators, and telephone gambling.

Even if the latest bills and budgets are passed soon, the executive branch has already announced that priority in terms of licensing will be given to companies that have already invested locally. In other words, there is still a long way to go.

Online sports betting in India

It seems that although many people bet in India, there are not many users compared to other countries, and there are not many bookmaker advertisements in the media.

Online gambling may not be regulated as such in India, but that should not be a barrier to betting.

So if you’re looking for good fixed odds on matches or a variety of markets, you can register with any of the recommended leading bookmakers, deposit money with one of the available payment methods and bet as usual.

Of course, there shouldn’t be any problems, since most online bookmakers accept users from India. 

How to deposit and withdraw money

To begin with, some of the disadvantages of the fact that India currently has no regulated gambling market:

Online bookmakers offer many payment methods. Indian rupees may not be accepted, but a dollar is a great option, especially if you’re going to use an e-wallet as a payment method.

Although it is possible to pay by bank transfer or credit card, these methods can have some disadvantages or additional costs when using them.

Therefore, in practice, the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods are Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and UPI.

Over time, depending on geographical constraints, other payment methods may be available: PayPal, Click2pay, Entropay…

It is necessary to be well informed about the conditions of each transaction, the minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements, and the fees, if any.

Betting from India: what you need to know

Although online gambling is not regulated, as a user located in India, you can bet at any of the foreign gambling operators (which accept users from India, of course). This means that you shouldn’t have any legal problems.

However, is it safe to bet online? Well, in India, as in other countries, if you bet at a reputable bookmaker’s office, yes it is.

Keep in mind that the bookmakers mentioned here have thousands of employees and process hundreds of thousands of bets daily.

They also use the same security technology as banks, so making a transaction online is just as secure as banking.

The precautions you need to take online are the same as always, not because you are using a bookmaker’s service. That is, you should not reveal your passwords to anyone and should always work through app with a security certificate.

Important questions to ask before you place a bet

  • Choose carefully the currency in which you are going to bet, as you may be restricted in payment or withdrawal methods later on.
  • Check the terms and costs of each payment method.
  • Check whether the promotions of a particular bookmaker also apply to Indian users.
  • If possible, register with bookmakers that are available in languages you are fluent in
  • Avoid betting portals with dubious reputations, no matter how attractive their promotions may seem.

This is all about betting on India. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and recommend a 100% free subscription to our premium tips and predictions – we’re listening!


Is betting legal in India?

Betting in India is legal in authorized establishments. In addition, users can gamble online. Internet gambling is not regulated, but most international gambling operators accept users from India.

Can I bet in Indian Rupees?

Most bookmakers accept deposits in Indian rupees. This way, you will encounter fewer difficulties

Are there free bets for bettors from India?

Yes, there are. Many foreign bookmakers offer free bets to their customers so they can start to get familiar with how the platform works. 

Is cricket the king of sports betting?

It is, without a doubt! Both in local league cricket betting and in betting related to international competitions such as the World Cup.

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