Bowlers with the Most Stumping Dismissals in International Cricket (All Formats Combined)

In International cricket, we have witnessed bowlers taking wickets by foxing the batters with their skills and ability to think out of the box. Bowlers of such calibre have gotten rid of the best batters even though the batters looked dominating. In this piece, we will discuss bowlers who have taken the most wickets through stumping in International cricket.

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The bowlers in our list always found a way to stump the batters during critical moments. The bowlers mentioned in the list had different skill sets and brought variations to fox the batters depending on the batters’ weaknesses. These bowlers made changes in their length depending on the nature of the wicket and the conditions; they were successful in doing this with their clever aptitude and awareness.

Getting a batter out through stumping is always tricky, but these bowlers managed to do with some quality bowling. We look at the bowlers who have taken the most wickets through stumping in International cricket.

#10 Ravindra Jadeja (India) – 38 wickets

Ravindra Jadeja continues to outsmart the best batters with his length and variations. Jadeja sometimes bowls quicker through the air and, in between, uses straighter ones to put the batters in two minds.

The off-spinner has so far taken 38 wickets through stumpings, as he can make the batters drive, which sometimes creates problems. Jadeja can also bowl slower through the air to rush the batters. The off-spinner has so far taken 7.55% of his wickets through stumpings.

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#9 Saqlain Mushtaq (Pakistan) – 48 wickets

The former off-spinner was consistent with his variety, but his length was difficult to pick even during the middle overs. Saqlain bowled “Doosra” with clever use of his fingers, and every time we could see a new delivery when he bowled “Doosra.”

He had the knack of picking wickets through stumpings by making the batters step out to play the big shots. He took 48 wickets through stumpings with a percentage of 9.67% in his International career.

#8 Rangana Herath (Sri Lanka) – 49 wickets

Herath, the highest wicket-taker in Test among the left-arm bowlers, was one of the most deceptive yet clever operators when dismissing a batter through stumping. The former off-spinner occasionally bowled the Carom ball, but he tried to land the ball in the good length area.

His flight made the batters come down the track for a big shot, ultimately getting out stumped. Herath took 49 wickets through stumpings with 9.33% in his International career.

#7 Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh) – 49 wickets

The left-arm spinner can make the batters play loose shots with his flight. Shakib’s side-arm action is sometimes difficult to judge as it can put the batters in two minds. The all-rounder uses the straighter ones occasionally, but his accuracy tends to fox the batters.

The former Bangladesh skipper has claimed 24 wickets in International cricket through stumpings, with 8.13 % of his wickets coming through stumpings.

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#6 Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) – 49 wickets

Along with his destructive batting, the left-hander was even a valuable addition due to his left-arm spin bowling. The all-rounder wasn’t a big-turner, but his deceptive line and ability to surprise the batters with his flight during the run of play did the job for his side.

Jayasuriya’s straighter were more than effective as he could dismiss the best batters through stumping. The former Sri Lankan skipper had a knack for breaking partnerships. He took 49 wickets with an 11.13 % through stumpings in his International career. The former opener’s side-arm action often put some batters in two minds.

#5 Anil Kumble (India) – 50 wickets

“Jumbo,” as he is fondly called, wasn’t a big turner of the ball, but his accuracy with his line was simply amazing. The former leg spinner, who is part of few legendary elite lists, hardly gave a chance to the batters to play the big shots, and if the batsman tried to step out, Kumble would change his length.

His googlies would outsmart even a well-set batter as he gave enough air to that delivery which helped him get wickets through stumpings. The former India skipper’s faster ones were difficult to read, even on slow wickets. Kumble took 50 wickets through stumpings in his International career with 5.23%.

#4 Saeed Ajmal (Pakistan) – 52 wickets

Ajmal was another class off-spinner who used the “Doosra” cleverly during the run of play. The former off-spinner’s flight and drift made the best batters charge down the wicket to play the big shots, ultimately getting their wicket through stumping.

Ajmal sometimes bowled quicker through the air, but he had the knack to adjust his length as per the batsman’s weakness and the nature of a wicket. The former Pakistani off-spinner took 52 wickets through stumping in his International career with 11.63%. Ajmal always tried to add new variations through his fingers.

#3 Harbhajan Singh (India) – 54 wickets

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Undoubtedly one of the best off-spinners India has ever produced so far. The Turbanator showed a lot of heart as he wasn’t afraid to pitch the ball up to even a well-set batter. The former off-spinner had the knack of picking crucial wickets, and when it came to foxing the batsman with his flight with the old ball, Harbhajan showcased tremendous consistency.

His turn and bounce were always difficult to judge on uneven and bouncy wickets, but his “Doosra” was even more difficult to read on turning wickets. His book of strategies helped him claim 54 wickets with a 7.59%.

#2 Shane Warne (Australia) – 86 wickets

The late legendary leg spinner possessed a lot of variety with his leg spin, flippers, googlies, and even faster ones. Warne is easily the best Australian spin bowler ever; especially this particular record shows how good he had been during his peak career time. He made the batters play the big shots during the run of play, but his turn clever wrong ones often put the batters in two minds.

The leg spinner wasn’t afraid to flight the ball even on flat batting wickets tempting the batsman to play the big shots. His flight and googlies helped him claim 86 wickets with 8.59%. The consistency with which he turned the ball was amazing.

#1 Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) – 104 wickets (7.72%)

“The Smiling Assasin,” as he was fondly called, was too hot to handle with his turn and bounce. Muralitharan had all the tricks under his sleeves to outgun the best batters of his generation. The former off-spinner gave enough air when a batsman tried to go for the big hits, thus getting him wickets through stumpings.

His action created many problems for even a well-set batter to judge the length combined with his variations. Muralitharan took 104 wickets through stumpings, which is 7.72% of his record number of wickets. The former off-spinner could work on his variation with his creative wristwork.

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