10 Cricketers with Zero Haters around the World

Cricket is followed like a religion in many countries, and cricketers are a source of inspiration for fans globally. The cricketing world has witnessed players who have played with aggression as well as players with a calm temperament. It is essential for a player how he carries himself on and off the field as he is judged by his behavior very easily and quickly. If any player shows disrespect, his attitude is constantly questioned by fans. Besides this, there have been players who have played the “Gentleman’s game” like true Gentlemen, as fans in their careers never hated them.

These cricketers were looked upon as those who behaved and played the game with sportsman spirit. These cricketers have left an impression in the fans’ minds with their calm behavior without getting carried away on and off the field. We look at ten cricketers who didn’t have haters and attracted a lot of respect due to their conduct.

#10 MS Dhoni

The former wicket-keeper batsman dominated the opposition bowlers with his destructive batting. The former skipper was equally calm and collected with his clever glove work behind the stumps. Dhoni was the perfect finisher for India who could bat in the middle as well as lower order.

Regarding his on and off-the-field behavior, Dhoni showcased calmness and even appreciated the opposition’s performances on the field. Off the field, the wicketkeeper-batsman was respectful and wasn’t involved in any controversy. Even during pressure, Dhoni was calm and never let pressure affect his on and off-the-field mannerisms. Even the opposition praised his attitude, which gained him respect globally.

#9 Lasith Malinga

The former Sri Lankan pacer terrorized the opposition batters with his pace, swing, and lightning-quick yorkers, but Malinga showcased tremendous calmness under pressure. Malinga was never involved in a heated exchange with any opposition player in his playing career.

The pacer appreciated a batsman’s stroke with a smile when he was hit for a boundary. The former pacer is a perfect example of modern-day bowlers who tend to get agitated when they get hit. Here’s what the master batsman and Malinga’s MI teammate, Sachin Tendulkar has to say about the Sri Lankan pacer.

#8 Chris Gayle

“The Universal Boss” as he is fondly called, has played in all T20 Leagues globally and has a big fan following. The former West Indian opener destroyed the best bowling line-ups with his destructive style of play. The left-hander is loved as he shows respect towards his fans and never ignores them whenever they ask for a quick selfie or an autograph. Instead, he greets them with a big smile.

Gayle wasn’t involved in a bitter exchange of words with any opposition on and off the field. Instead, he is a character who comes up with something funny in the area, which everyone loves.

#7 Kane Williamson

The New Zealand ODI skipper has been the mainstay of the Kiwi batting line-up for almost a decade. Williamson’s batting revolves around his effortless timing and placement. The right-hander has captained the side cleverly, but more than that, Williamson has gained respect due to his on and off-field mannerisms.

Williamson has showcased a lot of calm even in situations when most modern-day skippers lose their temper and get involved in ugly verbal duals with the opposition. The skipper has replicated the standards of the former Kiwi skippers in terms of mannerisms.

#6 Cheteshwar Pujara

Like his consistent batting performances in the longer formats, Pujara has consistently won worldwide appreciation from fans due to his calm nature. The right-hander was a vital cog of India’s batting line-up for many years in test cricket.

In his entire career so far, Pujara hasn’t reacted angrily against any opposition bowler, nor has he been involved in any heated argument with any opposition team members despite the opposition trying to provoke him. On the contrary, the middle-order batsman has been technically prudent with his defense as far as his batting is concerned.

#5 Muttiah Muralitharan 

The Smiling assassin, as he is fondly called, was a magician with the ball when he was a nightmare for the batters during his playing days. The off-spinner broke many records during his playing career. His lovable and friendly nature was highly appreciated in the cricketing world. Muralitharan was never involved in a heated face-off with any player on or off the field.

When a batsman played his deliveries with merit, he was the first to appreciate them with a smile. He played a massive role in helping the people of Sri Lanka who were affected due to Tsunami in 2004.

#4 Jasprit Bumrah

The Indian speedster is known for his calm temperament and calm nature. The pacer can destroy the best batting line-ups with his pace, swing, length, and fast yorkers. Bumrah is one of those rare modern-day cricketers who doesn’t lose his cool like many current players.

He is one of those pacers who will celebrate his wicket with a shy smile, which is rare in modern-day cricket. Bumrah won’t even give an angry stare to any opposition batsmen or team members when runs are scored off his bowling.

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#3 Mark Waugh

The calm nature of this cricketer was visible when he was one of the pivotal figures of the Australian line-up during the 1990s and early 2000s. Waugh’s batting revolved around his elegant timing and placement, but his calm and forgiving nature was highly appreciated.

The former opener wasn’t involved in any heated argument with opponents. When any bowler would try to intimidate him, he would just ignore him; such was his character.

#2 Steve Waugh

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A gentleman who played the gentleman’s game like a thorough gentleman. Waugh broke many records as a captain, taking Australian cricket to newer heights. As a batsman, he was the one who bailed the team out of danger, but it was his sportsman spirit that was praised and lauded not only in the cricketing world but in general.

As a human being, Waugh was generous and has done a lot for humanity with his charitable work in his life so far. Forget about him being involved in any heated exchanges. He never crossed the line when advising his bowlers to intimidate the opposition batters. If he were intimidated by the opposition, he would ignore them.

#1 Rahul Dravid

In Dravid’s case, the saying should be: A gentleman who played the game like a gentleman. The right-hander showcased excellent technique, while his stroke play was all about elegance and class.

The former skipper didn’t possess an on-your-face attitude, but when the opposition sledged him, he would answer them with his match-winning performances. He was a disciplinarian on and off the field and played the game with true sportsman spirit as he won millions of hearts worldwide.

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