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Top 10: Highest Team Totals in Asia Cup (ODI) History

The Asia Cup, a stage where cricketing giants from the continent clash, has witnessed some breathtaking encounters, often punctuated by towering team totals. These monumental runs not only reflect batting prowess but also mirror the intensity of competition that encapsulates this prestigious tournament.

The below list of the top 10 highest team totals in Asia Cup history reveals a tapestry of memorable moments, explosive partnerships, and a showcase of each nation’s batting depth. 

This article delves into this intriguing narrative, uncovering the numbers that have left an indelible mark on the tournament’s legacy and also providing key insights from the list.

Highest Team Totals in Asia Cup (ODI)

TeamScoreOppositionGroundMatch Date
Pakistan385/7BangladeshDambulla21 Jun 2010
India374/4Hong KongKarachi25 Jun 2008
Sri Lanka357/9BangladeshLahore25 Jun 2008
India356/2PakistanColombo (RPS)10 Sep 2023
Pakistan343/5Hong KongColombo (SSC)18 Jul 2004
Pakistan342/6NepalMultan30 Aug 2023
Bangladesh334/5AfghanistanLahore3 Sep 2023
Sri Lanka332/8BangladeshKarachi30 Jun 2008
India330/4PakistanMirpur18 Mar 2012
Pakistan329/7BangladeshMirpur4 Mar 2014

Key Insights

7.7: Pakistan has the highest run rate, with 7.7 runs per over. This was scored against Bangladesh in Dambulla in 2010.

8: Out of the 10 scores listed in the table, 8 were made in the first innings and 2 were made in the second innings.

4: The most high-scoring matches played at Mirpur.

256: Pakistan’s victory against Nepal by a margin of 238 runs stands as the second-largest triumph in terms of runs in the history of the men’s ODI Asia Cup. The record for the most significant win in this aspect belongs to India, which secured a massive 256-run victory against Hong Kong during the 2008 edition of the tournament.

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1984: The most significant victory in the history of the Asia Cup (ODI) belongs to the Indian cricket team. They achieved a remarkable 10-wicket triumph over Sri Lanka during the very first edition of the Asia Cup in 1984, and this memorable feat unfolded in the cricketing heart of Sharjah.

4: Among these top 10 scores, only 4 were achieved before 2010, highlighting how modern-era batsmen have truly dominated the scene.

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