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How Would You Rate Virat Kohli as a Captain?

Given the vast number of great cricketers coming from India, no one is more ambitious as Virat Kohli also known as “Cheeku.” His name is a staple in leading cricket scores and game statistics, making him a fan favourite in live cricket betting. Kohli is famous for being the most consistent all-format cricket player of his generation. He makes terrific chases look easy, and he always finds the safest way to score plenty of runs. 

Kohli’s relentless drive and determination carried over to his captaincy. He became a leader who demanded more from his teammates. He also often sacrifices a batter for bowling depth. Moreover, Kohli led India to one of the longest reigns as the number one team in test rankings and snagged a first-ever series win in Australia. Kohli is one of India’s best Test captains ever. 

With his unique killer instinct and tenacity, Kohli is a one-of-a-kind talent. He is a cricketer whom the other teams fear and sometimes be in awe of, and a player whose presence would raise the intensity of every match.

Kohli truly values every possession, every cricket match, and every moment of his storied career. But the question is, how would you rate his overall captaincy?

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Captain Cheeku

William Shakespeare once said that “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

These words significantly apply to Kohli’s captaincy. In a professional cricket team, the immense responsibility lies with the team captain. And when the captain hails from a cricket nation like India, both experts and fans magnify the leader’s every move.

Let’s look at Kohli’s record in the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) since he took over captaincy duties for RCB in 2013.

Kohli played for 200 matches under RCB, the only team he played for since the Indian Premier League (IPL) started in 2008. He was the team’s leader for 133 games. Under his captaincy, RCB won 60 out of 66 matches. Three games were tied, and four ended in a no contest. While leading RCB, Kohli has a winning percentage of 47.67.

Under Kohli’s captaincy, RCB’s best achievement was being the runners-up in the IPL finals of 2016. In the same season, Kohli also won the orange cap for most runs with a fantastic total of 973 runs in 16 innings. Along with an average of 81.08 and a strike rate of 152.03, Kohli’s is also renowned for securing four centuries seven fifties.

Even with his fantastic total score of over 6,000 runs in the IPL, his inability to win a championship for RCB across 13 seasons of playing is a known fact that leaves a lot of room for criticism. 

Though Kohli took the captaincy like any man who breathes air, the continuous pressure of performing, leading a team with the bat, and the immense amount of work took a toll on his batting manner. 

Therefore, on September 16 of this year, Kohli stepped down from India’s T20 captaincy following the T20 World Cup. 

Though the man is yet to win an ICC championship as captain, he has led the Indian team to several notable wins in the last five T20I series. That’s why Kohli’s decision to quit as captain of the RCB after this season was a big surprise no one was expecting.

The Verdict

Ultimately, Kohli’s performance as team captain is a solid 9/10. Even without winning a championship, he is simply the most potent and polarising cricketer in India’s professional sports history. He is the centre of every Indian marketing campaign, a natural-born leader and a tenacious hard worker who became one of the sport’s biggest stars ever.

With Kohli stepping down as team captain, he can now focus more on his batting techniques. As one of the top batsmen in the sport, he hasn’t been in his best form for quite some time since his captaincy.

“Cheeku” would love to go back to being the game’s best batsman, and when that happens, his sacrifice will be well worth it.

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