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India vs South Africa Head to Head in ODI

It has always been a delight to watch these two teams up against each other. The last decade, between the two sides, had been all about South Africa’s dominant team against India, a new India, to be honest, who had started posing a stronger challenge than what it used to earlier.

SENA countries in general are known to be places where India or even all the surrounding subcontinent teams haven’t had great records yet. Though the numbers have been getting better and better for a long time now.

India and South Africa have locked horns in more than 90 ODI matches. Let’s have a look at the head-to-head ODI stats. (You can find more head-to-head stats by teams here.)

India vs South Africa – Head to Head in ODIs

Matches Played94
India Won40
South Africa Won51
No Result3

The above record would sadly be quite disappointing for all the Indian cricket team fans out there. But not to worry, there have been many positives in recent years and India has slowly started improving their poor overall record.

There had been no match to the South African team of 2011-2015. This team had always been considered a dark horse in ICC tournaments. Every time any country used to battle against South Africa, other cricketing nations would always be alert about what challenge can Proteas pose to them.

India vs South Africa (in South Africa)

Matches Played40
India Won12
South Africa Won26
No Result2

Clear domination — are the two words I should say. It has been quite humbling to get hold of the fact that India has managed just to win 10 of the 37 matches held on South African soil.

India vs South Africa (in India)

Matches Played32
India Won18
South Africa Won14
No Result0

The above stat seems like it’s just a matter of a close battle amongst two prominent cricketing nations. Well, it had always been hard for countries to beat India at home. The Proteas had somehow cracked this mystery to be able to challenge India in their own den, just 4 matches behind to equate the number of wins that India has against South Africa.

India vs South Africa (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played22
India Won10
South Africa Won11
No Result1

It has been quite a close contest, with South Africa getting one better of India in matches played between the two sides at a neutral venue.

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