An Inspiring story of Don Bradman!

Have you ever seen how Australian cricket team played their game of cricket during the 2000s?

They were in their prime at that point and used to be ruthless and dominant against their opponents.

To me, that was their strength. With that attitude comes the winning habit.

To put it in simple words, they hate to lose.

Attitude persuaded them to win 5 World Cups – The Most by any team!

And, have you ever given a thought on where does this attitude came from?

Let me tell you an inspiring story of a cricketer who inspired the Masters of Masters in Cricket!

I have already spoken about the insane cricketing records of Don Bradman in one of my blog, but that can never get enough when you are speaking of him.


What did they say?

Leave what I have to say, listen to what people used to say on Don Bradman’s career.

Firstly, while speaking about the rise of Bradman in Australian cricket, they say

“From a boy who practised with Golf balls at his house’s backyard, Donald George Bradman raised to the epitome of highness and success in Cricket!”

And I have seen few cricket commentators saying even now,

“Don Bradman was worth three batsmen to Australia during his times!”

Australian Prime Minister of Bradman times – Jon Howard called him,

“The Greatest living Australian”

Also, Wisden, cricket’s bible, hailed Bradman as

“the greatest phenomenon in the history of cricket, indeed in the history of all ball games.”


Don Bradman pictures with his team mates
Don Bradman carried by his teammates after his 452 in a first-class match.

Statisticians have analyzed his career and compared it to other prominent sportsmen like Pele, Jack Nicklaus, and Michael Jordan.

The statisticians determined that none of the athletes named above dominated their sport to the same extent as Bradman.


The Trouble with Fame & the comebacks!

Consequently, with fame came problems,

Because of journalists’ focus and fans’ attention completely on him, it affected his relationships with his team-mates badly, thereby leading to a few internal politics & duels in the team.

He was even taken out from the team for a short stint too even after being the prime contributor.

He came back from that and became the captain of the team!

Apparently, he was the busiest cricketer during his times as he played for domestic leagues, international tests & also for English county teams.

Bradman was affected by mental disorders due to his overfilled cricketing schedules.

Above all, he was also tested with various fatal injuries during his career.

He came back from that too.

Added to that, Bradman had a chaotic family life.

Guess what, he came back from that too…

Above all, during the 1940s, when his Country needed more servicemen in the military, he joined them. It was said, during his war service for his country in June 1941, Bradman spent months recuperating, unable even to shave or comb his hair due to the extent of the muscular pain he suffered.

Don Bradman lost 6 years of Cricket in Wars.

Like before, he came back from that too.

With all those ghosts around his life, Don Bradman went onto score 100 1st Class Centuries, 29 Test Centuries in 52 Test matches with an average of magical 99.94.

Moreover, he had hit 12 Double Centuries in Test Cricket in just 80 Innings he played!

Even in the life-threatening Bodyline Test series in 1932-33, Don Bradman came up with an unbeaten Century to win the 2nd Test match for Australia!

Never give-up & being dominant set Bradman apart and that is how the Australian team play the game even now.

And that is how Bradman helped shape the Australian character and culture!


When Sachin met Don Bradman!

In cricket or in any game, for instance, it is not sensible to compare two legends of the different era.

But with Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, they had more things in common; from the way they batted to the way they dominated the opponents with sheer dominance, they looked so parallel.

Don Bradman even went on record to say that he felt he was looking at a ‘mirror-image’ of himself when he watched Tendulkar play.

Sachin Tendulkar meets Don Bradman
Sachin Tendulkar meets Don Bradman at later’s home in Adelaide

The duo even had a meeting in Bradman’s residence in Adelaide, the day which Sachin rates really high in his memory.

On Bradman’s 110th Birthday, Sachin wrote on his Social Media pages

Inarticle 80

Here is what Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar’s  on Bradman’s 110th Birthday:

” This day will forever be etched in my memory.. Meeting the iconic Sir Donald George “Don” Bradman on his 90th birthday at his home in Adelaide was a huge honour. #Nostalgia”

Also, he added,

“The thing which really struck me, was his aggressive batting. You could make out while playing shots he really meant it. He wanted to demoralize the opposition … you can make out the body language.”

And when asked about Don Bradman’s Test Average of 99.94, Tendulkar says:

“I think it’s close to impossible. 99.94 is a very special thing. It’s a god’s gift.”


Quick-witted Bradman

And then there is this incident on when a journalist asked Sir Donald Bradman, What would be his Average if played now?

After some thought, Bradman opined that he would average around 60.

Stunned, the incredulous journalist continued, but Sir Donald, you averaged 99 in your career, why only 60 against this lot?

He responded with a cheeky grin, I am in my 80s you know!

That’s what his Attitude is all about!


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