Top 10: Lowest Declaration Totals in Test Cricket

Declaring an innings in a Test match is an interesting facet. When a captain believes his side has enough runs on the board to outclass the opponent, he can declare his team’s innings closed.

However, there have been instances of teams declaring their innings on the lowest totals. This might be done considering the team has a sufficient lead or wants to get a result in a limited time.

On that note, let’s look at the top 10 lowest innings declaration totals in Test cricket.

Lowest Declaration Totals in Test

TeamDeclaration TotalAgainstVenueDateMatch Result
Australia32/7dEnglandBrisbane1 Dec 1950AUS Won
West Indies51/6dEnglandBridgetown8 Jan 1935WI Lost
Sri Lanka57/1dWest IndiesColombo (RPS)23 Nov 2010Drawn
England68/7dAustraliaBrisbane1 Dec 1950ENG Lost
England68/0dIndiaDelhi23 Dec 1981Drawn
England76/9dAustraliaMelbourne1 Jan 1937ENG Lost
England77/4dPakistanLahore15 Nov 2000Drawn
New Zealand79/1dBangladeshMirpur25 Oct 2008Drawn
England81/7dWest IndiesBridgetown8 Jan 1935ENG Won
Australia84/2dNew ZealandBrisbane8 Nov 2001Drawn

Key Insights

32/7d by Australia is the lowest innings total declared by a team in the history of Test cricket. 

However, there is one instance of England declaring their innings on the score of zero (0/0d) without playing a ball against South Africa in 2000. But it hasn’t been included on this table, as it was more of a planned decision by both team captains to achieve a result.

There are 2 instances of teams declaring their totals below the score of 100 in a single Test match. Prior to Australia’s 32/7d, England had closed their first innings on 68/7d in the Brisbane Test in 1950. Likewise, in the 1935 Bridgetown Test, England declared their first innings on 81/7 and the West Indies declared their second innings on 51/6.

Inarticle 80

There are 16 instances of teams declaring their innings on 100 or fewer runs on the board. The number rises to 46 if we take the cutoff of 150 runs.

130/9d is the lowest declaration score in the first innings of a Test match. Pakistan closed their innings on 130/9 after batting 44.5 overs against England in 1974.

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