Top 10: Most Centuries against One Team in Test Cricket

The insanity in Don Bradman’s Test batting numbers is still shell-shocking even after 70 years of the format’s existence. Even with the fact that he played most of his Test matches against England, the sheer dominance he had against the English bowlers for a prolonged duration is a miracle by itself. The 19 centuries he scored against England is the highest number of Test centuries any player has scored against a single opponent.

He is followed by India’s little master, Sunil Gavaskar with his dominant 13 centuries against West Indies. The most important thing about Gavaskar’s feat is it came during the years 1971-1983, the time period which was ruled by the Caribbeans; they were godly and unbeatable in all divisions of cricket then. Do you know he scored 700 runs in his debut Test series against West Indies in their own backyard? Find yourself more astonishing cricket stats facts that proves how Gavaskar literally ruled West Indians during his time.

This article will list the top ten cricketers who have scored the most number of centuries against one team in Test cricket. (You can find the same stat for ODIs here)

Most 100s vs One Team in Test Cricket

Don Bradman (AUS)19England6389.78
Sunil Gavaskar (IND)13West Indies4865.45
Steve Smith (AUS)12England6258.81
Jack Hobbs (ENG)12Australia7154.26
Sachin Tendulkar (IND)11Australia7455.00
Kumar Sangakkara (SL)10Pakistan4574.64
Garry Sobers (WI)10England6160.64
Steve Waugh (AUS)10England7358.18
Steve Smith (AUS)9India3666.93
Joe Root (ENG)9India4563.15
Sachin Tendulkar (IND)9Sri Lanka3660.45
Wally Hammond (ENG)9Australia5851.85
Brian Lara (WI)9Australia5851.00
Richie Richardson (WI)9Australia4849.43
Greg Chappell (AUS)9England6545.94
David Gower (ENG)9Australia7744.78

Key Stats

One can see the authority of the English-Aussie combination in the above table, thanks to the long-driven history between the nation’s cricket sides over the years. The Ashes, the oldest cricket tournament that still exists today, is over 100 years now.

Sachin Tendulkar is the only name to be read twice in the list, thanks to his supremacy over his opponents for 24 years.

Gavaskar, who tops our greatest Indian opening batters list of all time, also has 8 centuries against Australia, the other side that topped cricketing results on his time.

Steve Smith is the only current-generation batter to be in the top half of this list. He is followed by Joe Root, who has his major chunk of Test centuries coming against India. He is also the only current generation player to be in the list of top ten batters with most runs against India in Tests.

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Moreover, Steve Smith against India and Virat Kohli against Australia have the best opportunity to climb this list in the coming years.

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