Top 10: Most Runs in a Single Ashes Series

No doubt that cricket is a team game. However, sometimes, an individual performing excellently throughout a tournament can put opponents on a back foot.

In a tournament like the Ashes, where history is rich and the competition is high, it takes the champions of players performers to excel consistently.

The legendary Australian cricketer, Donald Bradman’s season tally of 974 runs in the 1930 Ashes series, is the most runs scored by a player in a single Ashes tournament.

This article will list the batters who have scored the maximum runs in a single Ashes series.

Most Runs in a Single Ashes Series

Don Bradman (AUS)193097473344139.14
Wally Hammond (ENG)1928/2990592514113.12
Mark Taylor (AUS)198983911219283.90
Don Bradman (AUS)1936/378109270390.00
Steve Smith (AUS)201977472113110.57
Alastair Cook (ENG)2010/117667235*3127.66
Don Bradman (AUS)19347588304294.75
Herbert Sutcliffe (ENG)1924/257349176481.55
David Gower (ENG)19857329215381.33
Arthur Morris (AUS)19486969196387.00

Stats Insights

Don Bradman is the highest overall Ashes run-scorer to date. He has been part of 8 Ashes, where his lowest average in a single tournament is 56.57, which is insane. He has 5 500+ runs Ashes campaigns, in which three have found places in the above list. Bradman also scored eight double centuries in the 37 Ashes games he played. Massive!

Steve Smith is the only other player to have two 600+ Ashes campaigns with the bat. Known for his unusual batting style, Smith also has three Ashes double centuries, third-best after Bradman (8) and Wally Hammond (4).

Likewise, Bradman, Hammond, and Herbert Sutcliffe (England) jointly hold the record for the most centuries in a single Ashes series – 4.

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