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Most Runs in Test Matches in 2017

It is fair to say 2017 has been more of a year for limited overs cricket than the Test Matches. Very few Test series got the attention of the Cricket fans. Pakistan vs Australia earlier this year, Australia’s test matches in India and Bangladesh and finally the ongoing Ashes Series are the only series which provides the test matches the deserved value. Anyhow, let us look into the top 5 test batsmen in 2017 who has scored the most runs in test in 2017.


Top 10 Batsmen with Most Runs in Test in 2017

STEVE SMITH11130576.76239
DEAN ELGAR12112853.71199
VIRAT KOHLI10105975.64243
DINESH CHANDIMAL12100345.59164
DAVID WARNER1199749.85123
JOE ROOT1196650.84190
HASIM AMLA1294747.35137
ALISTAIR COOK1189947.31244*
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Steve Smith played few match winning and match saving innings for Australia in Tests this year. Steve Smith is, without doubt, the best test batsman of the year, 2017.

Virat Kohli, the Indian Captain along with his teammate C Pujara, played some long innings for team India. Team India had a successful streak of Test Matches thanks to these two.

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Also, Virat Kohli has scored three 200+ scores this year. He had also scored three double centuries last year. Mind Blowing? Indeed!!

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Alistair Cook, who has played his 150th test match recently, had been going through a bad phase in Test matches before his match-saving 244* in the recently concluded 4th Ashes Test Match.

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