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Top 10: Most Wickets in a Single Ashes Series

While batters give you runs, bowlers win you matches. Picking 20 wickets is the most crucial factor in winning Tests.

Over the years, many legendary bowlers were part of the Ashes, the longest-held cricketing rivalry.

Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Jim Laker, Terry Alderman, Dennis Lillee, Ian Botham, and James Anderson are a few legendary names worth noting.

This article will list the bowlers with the most amazing Ashes series, i.e., the ones with the most wickets in a single Ashes series. You can check the top 10 wicket-takers in the overall tournament here.

Most Wickets in a Single Ashes Series

Jim Laker (ENG)1956465ENGLAND410/53
Terry Alderman (AUS)1981426ENGLAND46/135
Rodney Hogg (AUS)1978/79416AUSTRALIA56/74
Terry Alderman (AUS)1989416ENGLAND66/128
Shane Warne (AUS)2005405ENGLAND36/46
Alec Bedser (ENG)1953395ENGLAND57/44
Dennis Lillee (AUS)1981396ENGLAND27/89
Maurice Tate (ENG)1924/25385AUSTRALIA56/99
Mitchell Johnson (AUS)2013/14375AUSTRALIA37/40
Glenn McGrath (AUS)1997366ENGLAND28/38
Arthur Mailey (AUS)1920/21365AUSTRALIA49/121

Stats Insights

No specific bowler dominates the list like Bon Bradman dominated the batters list. No bowlers have been featured thrice in this list.

Terry Alderman of Australia is the only bowler to feature twice.

Shane Warne had a 34-wicket campaign in 1993, the year this happened! He is also the only Ashes bowler to have three 30+ wickets series.

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Also, one could see the dominance of Australians in this list. Only 3 English bowlers, with Jim Laker topping the chart.

You can find out where Jim Laker’s record-breaking series finds its place in the overall record of most wickets in any Test series here.

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