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Top 10: Players who have Played Most Consecutive T20I Matches

In the fast-paced T20I world, consistency and fitness have become more important than ever. 

If a player performs consistently in the shortest format, they automatically seal their spot in the team. Moreover, their fitness is crucial in always keeping them match-ready, enabling them to play for a longer time without missing a single game.

Over the years, a few players have shown their dedication by striving for longer periods with their performances and fitness.

This article looks at the top 10 players who have played the most consecutive T20I matches.

Players with Most Consecutive T20I Matches

PlayerConsecutive MatchesTeamSpan
Nizakat Khan85Hong Kong15 Jul 2015-Present
Richie Berrington82Scotland1 Feb 2010-11 Mar 2024
Rashid Khan79Afghanistan8 Jan 2016-16 Jul 2023
Simon Ssesazi78Uganda13 Sep 2021-Present
Najibullah Zadran77Afghanistan19 Feb 2016-16 Jul 2023
Virandeep Singh77Malaysia13 Jul 2019-Present
Shem Ngoche72Kenya5 Jul 2013-Present
Mohammad Nabi71Afghanistan8 Jan 2016-4 Nov 2022
Syed Aziz69Malaysia2 Oct 2019-Present
Bilal Khan68Oman21 Nov 2015-1 Apr 2024

Key Insights

Richie Berrington became the first player to feature in 80 consecutive matches in T20I cricket. The Scottish batter played his 80th T20I in a row during the Europe Region T20 World Cup Qualifier against Denmark on July 27, 2023.

In contrast, the West Indies’ Devon Thomas missed the most consecutive T20I matches between appearances. The wicketkeeper played his third T20I match on February 13, 2013, and his fourth match appearance came on December 13, 2021. In between his third and fourth T20Is, the West Indies participated in 102 matches.

Bangladesh’s Rony Talukdar is the other player to miss 100 T20I matches in a row.

Over 28 players have featured in 50 or more consecutive matches in the shortest format.

Sean Williams became the first player to have a career of more than 17 years in T20I cricket.

Babar Azam holds the record for playing the most successive T20I matches as a captain of a team. He captained Pakistan in 55 matches on the trot between February 2021 and November 2022. Moreover, Azam became the first captain to play in more than 50 T20I matches in a row.

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