Reasons behind the gaining popularity of Fantasy Cricket Game in India

Recently the fantasy cricket game is gaining tremendous popularity with a user base of over 7 million. Cricket has been the most loved game by every Indian and has been a part of every child’s upbringing in India. The thrill and excitement associated with playing with an unknown group and beating the opposition have always made each of us intrigued to this amazing game of cricket. However, due to lack of time, the player in us has gradually subsided under the pressure of other priorities of life. So the coming of the online fantasy games has triggered that gaming spirit among the cricket enthusiasts. It has generated frenzy among cricket lovers to experience the fun and excitement in a digital way. The fantasy Cricket games are gradually gaining popularity like any other rummy sites because of the following reasons


The format

The online version of cricket has opened up a plethora of opportunities for cricket enthusiasts. The online digital format allows you to have the freedom and time restriction.

Enhanced user engagement

With the integration of several attractive features for gaming supported with a 3D view of tables and other enhanced features to operate from any device etc. has helped a long way in enhancing the user experience and made the cricket lovers hooked to the fantasy game online.

Skill gaming

It requires a lot of skill in selecting your players to make a winning fantasy cricket team. To create the team it requires a thorough understanding of the performance of the real players and based on their performances and the statistical data of the players in each of the matches can help you in creating the best team. So it is necessary to observe and analyze the strength and weaknesses of each player to achieve an upper hand in winning the game against your opponent.

Legal factor

The fantasy Cricket games online is considered legal to play. The Supreme Court has already given its verdict on these rummy sites and given its consent stating it’s a game of skill even if it involves cash prize money. Users can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. It’s absolutely legal to play such games in the country as it is determined by your skill to win the game.

Winning rewards

The rewarding element that includes cash prize is also one of the important factors that have made the cricket lovers intrigued to this amazing fantasy cricket app. The winning team that scores maximum points and wins the maximum number of matches in the tournament can win a cash prize of up to 1 lakh rupees that get straight away credited to your bank account apart from that the game also offers many other winning opportunities daily.


Wrapping it up!

So with the growing fantasy among cricket enthusiasts over fantasy cricket league and with the rapid growth of users every day, it is estimated that the user base will soon cross 20 million in the next two years. The growing significance of digital gaming is gradually turning the online world into a battlefield.


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