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Responsible Gambling on Betwinner: Tips for Safe Betting 

In this Betwinner review, we will talk about Responsible Gaming using one of the market leaders in online betting and gambling in India as an example. Many players, unfortunately, do not realize how important it is to limit themselves in the money and time spent on betting and gambling. The top operators usually take it upon themselves to make their customers aware of this. They also provide them with assistance in dealing with gambling addiction. Let’s look at why Indian customers of Betwinner can feel protected.

Importance of Responsible Gambling 

Responsible Gaming is a set of rules and practices that legally operating online bookies and casinos apply to protect their customers. Usually, such operators commit to promoting Responsible Gaming in the process of obtaining an international level license. This is one of the conditions for the issuance of such a document. Thus, our Indian readers can be assured of Bet Winner’s intentions to do whatever is necessary to create and maintain a comfortable and healthy environment on its site. 

Players’ adherence to Responsible Gaming principles allows them to reduce the risks of developing gambling addiction. According to scientists’ research, game addiction is similar to alcohol or drug addiction in its destructive effect on the organism. 

Gambling addiction can develop when a player does not control their spending in an online casino or betting site. Excessive time spent on such sites also contributes to it. People with gambling addiction do not perceive betting on sports and casino games as entertainment. For them, it is a way to earn money, despite the fact that there are no guarantees of winning and cannot be. 

Unfortunately, the fastest way to develop gambling addiction is in underage persons. This is why the laws of countries where online betting and gambling are available prohibit these activities for minors. Legally operating bookmakers and casinos (such as Betwinner) carry out mandatory identity verification of each of their clients. This procedure allows them to identify people who are under the age of 18 and block them. 

There are several signs that allow a person to realize that they are developing a gambling addiction: 

  • All of the person’s thoughts are related to online betting and gambling;
  • The player spends more on betting and casino games than he or she plans to;
  • Money meant for tuition, loans or food is used for betting and casino games;
  • The person starts stealing money or borrowing money from other people;
  • The person starts lying to their family members to hide their addiction;
  • The person begins to have problems with work and personal life;
  • The person develops a depressive state and starts to think about suicide;
  • Losing money, the user seeks to win back faster. 

As you can see, these signs are very easy to spot, either in yourself or in a loved one. Be responsible and contact the Betwinner support team if you are a customer of this online bookmaker. The consultants can help you restrict access to your account or provide you with contacts of organizations that provide professional help for people with gambling addiction. 

Read more about how the operator helps its customers to fight addiction in the next paragraph of our review.

What Measures to Combat Gambling Addiction is Betwinner Taking 

As you already know, Betwinner respects and promotes the principles of Responsible Gaming. The operator feels responsible to its customers and informs them in detail about the risks associated with uncontrolled betting and gambling activities. Its staff constantly monitors user activity. Noticing any signs of a player developing a gambling addiction (such as excessive time on the site) they can contact them to help. 

A player who has detected the beginnings of a gambling addiction himself/herself can be the first to contact the Bet Winner casino India support team. They will help you set deposit limits, bet size, spending amount and time on the site. Also, you can ask to freeze your account for a certain period of time.

Useful Tips for Indian Clients of Betwinner 

We have prepared some tips for our Indian readers. They will be useful to you when using the services of both Betwinner and any other online bookie or casino: 

  • Be mindful of time. It is important to allocate a limited amount of time, say a couple of hours, to hunt for cash winnings. The longer you play/bet, the more money you can lose. Additionally, your results will be affected by the accumulation of fatigue;
  • Save money. Form a budget of money whose probable loss you can afford to lose. Use only it during the gaming session. In case of a complete loss, log out of your account. Never spend money intended for other needs!
  • Make small bets. If you have a small budget, you don’t need to make big bets. Increase your chances with small bets;
  • Pick games of skill over games of luck. Games like poker and blackjack allow the player to influence the outcome, unlike slots and roulette. Choose them to increase your chances of winning;
  • Don’t try to win back. If you’ve hit a losing streak, it’s best to end the gaming session. There is no guarantee that you will win if you start increasing the bet amount. 

As you can see, our tips help to reduce the risks of losing. It is losses that provoke the development of gambling addiction and serious problems in a person’s personal life. At Betwinner you can get advice on how to avoid these situations at any time.

Support Service of Bet Winner 

Betwinner understands the importance of resolving user issues and difficulties quickly. To this end, the operator has set up a 24/7 support team. This allows its employees to be on hand to help players quickly, whether they prefer to play at night or during the day. 

Answers to many questions are provided in the FAQ section. If you don’t find the information you need, the support agents will help you. We strongly recommend contacting them if you feel you are developing a gaming addiction.

The table below provides information about the communication channels on Bet Winner casino India website. 

Support channelDetails
Live ChatChat is available on both the Betwinner website and app
Phone Number000800-9191081


Can I Block My Account at Betwinner Betting Website? 

If you want to take a break from betting and gambling, you can ask the operator’s support team to block your account. The blocking can be temporary or permanent. 

Bet Winner Casino India — Does it Support Responsible Gambling? 

Yes, Betwinner is an operator that supports and promotes the principles of Responsible Gaming. Its services can only be used by people of legal age. 

How Do I Contact Betwinner Support? 

There are several ways to contact Bet Winner support and get help. These are Live Chat, Email and Phone Number. We strongly recommend that you speak to a consultant if you feel you are developing a gambling addiction.