Steve Smith – ODI & Test Centuries List by Teams, Year, & Venue Countries

Steven Peter Devereux Smith averages a massive 60+ in Test cricket even after playing the longer format for over a decade. The Australian top-order batter, who walks in at No. 3 for the side and has been phenomenal for the side, is considered the greatest of this generation by many.

Known as one of the prominent members of the Fab Four, Smith has managed to score more centuries than the modern-day greats Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root.

This article will list the centuries made by Steve Smith in both Test and ODI Cricket.

Steve Smith Test Centuries List

1138*England24116/21DRAWN(A) The Oval2013
2111England20814/21WON(H) Perth2013
3115England15417/11WON(H) Sydney2014
4100South Africa21313/01WON(A) Centurion2014
5162*India23121/01WON(H) Adelaide2014
6133India19113/22WON(H) Brisbane2014
7192India30515/21DRAWN(H) Melbourne2014
8117India20815/01DRAWN(H) Sydney2015
9199West Indies36121/21WON(A) Kingston2015
10215England34625/11WON(A) Lord's2015
11143England25217/21WON(A) The Oval2015
12138New Zealand18518/03DRAWN(H) Perth2015
13134*West Indies1778/01WON(H) Melbourne2015
14138New Zealand24117/02WON(A) Christchurch2016
15119Sri Lanka21810/12LOST(A) Colombo2016
16130Pakistan22219/01WON(H) Brisbane2016
17165*Pakistan24613/12WON(H) Melbourne2016
18109India20211/03WON(A) Pune2017
19178*India36117/01DRAWN(A) Ranchi2017
20111India17314/01LOST(A) Dharamsala2017
21141*England32614/02WON(H) Brisbane2017
22239England39930/12WON(H) Perth2017
23102*England2756/03DRAWN(H) Melbourne2017
24144England21916/21WON(A) Birmingham2019
25142England20714/03WON(A) Birmingham2019
26211England31924/21WON(A) Manchester2019
27131India22616/01DRAWN(H) Sydney2021
28145*Sri Lanka27116/01LOST(A) Galle2022
29200*West Indies31116/01WON(H) Perth2022
30104South Africa19211/21DRAWN(H) Sydney2023
31121India26819/01WON(N) The Oval2023

Key Stats

Similar to the proportion of his total career runs to his aggregate in Ashes cricket, Smith has scored more than one-third of his Test centuries against England, followed by his favourite Asian opponent, Team India.

Three of his four double centuries in Tests have come against England. Find out where Smith stands in the list of major contributors to Australia’s Test double tons.

As I am writing this, 21 of Smith’s Test hundreds came in the first innings of the Test matches, six came in the 2nd innings (when Australia batted second), and four centuries came in the much more critical third innings of the Tests (when his team batted second in the games). Smith is yet to score a century in the fourth innings of Tests (that is, in the Test run chases). Find out the names of 6 batters who have scored double centuries in the fourth innings of the Tests.

Out of his total Test centuries, 20 have resulted in Australia winning the game, eight occurred in drawn Test matches, and three in losing causes.

Smith scored centuries in both innings of the same Test match only once in his career. Coming out from a 12-months ban, Smith marked his return with a remarkable match-winning Twin century against England in Birmingham in 2019. His scores of 144 and 142, respectively, in both innings, earned him the “Man of the Match” in that game.

Sixteen of the Smith’s Test centuries came in home grounds, whereas the rest in away conditions. Further classifying his away centuries, five came in Asian venues (3 in India and two in Sri Lanka) and 6 in his away Ashes Series (in England). Smith has one century each in New Zealand, South Africa, and West Indies. And he has scored one in the neutral venue against India in the WTC Final 2023.

Perth, Sydney (his hometown) and Melbourne played venue for four of Steve Smith’s centuries each, whereas Brisbane have seen three. Among the away venues, Smith has more than one Test 100s in the Kennington Oval in London (3) and the Edgbaston in Birmingham (2).

Year-wise, 2015 & 2017 saw the best of Smith when the Australian scored 6 longer format tons each in those years. Find out who scored the most Test centuries in one calendar year.

Steve Smith ODI Centuries List

1101Pakistan1186/21WON(A) Sharjah2014
2104South Africa1127/02WON(H) Melbourne2014
3102*England956/12WON(H) Hobart2015
4105India9311/21WON(H) Sydney2015
5149India13511/22WON(H) Perth2016
6108South Africa1079/11LOST(A) Durban2016
7164New Zealand15714/41WON(H) Sydney2016
8108*Pakistan10411/12WON(H) Perth2017
9131India13214/11LOST(A) Bengaluru2020
10105India6611/41WON(H) Sydney2020
11104India6414/21WON(H) Sydney2020
12105New Zealand13111/11WON(H) Cairns2022

Key Stats

Even though Smith has been on and off in the Australian side’s limited overs setup, he has an excellent record when it comes to ODI cricket. Averaging around a decent 45, Smith has almost 5000 runs in the 50-overs format, which includes 12 centuries – 8 came when Australia batted first and 4 while chasing.

The calendar years 2016 and 2020 saw three ODI centuries each from the Australian batter – the best of Smith’s ODI career.

Opponent-wise, India managed to be his favourite opponent as there were 5 centuries scored by the Australian No. 3 against the Men in Blue. Find the ten batters who scored the most 100s against India in ODIs.

However, his highest ODI score of 164 came against New Zealand in Sydney. Smith, taking advantage of playing in his hometown, hit 14 fours and 4 sixes to put down a show of 157-balls 164.

Speaking about Venues, 4 of his centuries came in Sydney and 2 in Perth – his favourite two Stadiums to score. He has away ODI centuries in Sharjah, Durban, and Bengaluru.

Interestingly, Australia had never lost an ODI match when Smith scored centuries in home conditions. Read about batters who have scored the most ODI centuries in winning causes.

The two lost games, while Smith had a ton-day, came in Durban and Bengaluru.

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