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10 Tips & Tricks to Choose Captain Players in Fantasy Cricket Game

Choosing the captain and vice-captain are the two very important decisions you will make in picking your fantasy team.

Dream11 being the most popular fantasy cricket game in India, this article is written based on their rules and format.

One can win real money playing fantasy games online with the right game knowledge and awareness.

Captains in the fantasy teams earn 2X points and the vice-captain earns 1.5X points in Dream11.

You can read our Dream11 Tips page to pick your Dream11 Captain and Vice Captain for every match!

Here, in the article below, is a list of 10 points on ‘How to choose the Captain and Vice Captain in Dream11?’

Here are my ten favourite tips to choose the right players as captain and vice-captain.

First of all, choose the player who will be available 100% for the game you are playing for.

Make sure the player you are choosing is in good form, and therefore the chance of him contributing high to the team will be more.

Pick the Captain based on the conditions they play. For example, in a pitch where the bowlers enjoy more seam and swing, try to pick someone who can bat well under these conditions or pick a proper swing bowler as your Captain.

Spread your team across the teams so that you will be able to fetch points throughout the match. The same applies to Captain and vice-captain. I pick Captain and vice-captain from different teams to increase the chance of fetching the maximum points.

One way of picking the captain players efficiently is picking the players based on their opposition. Some players have the liking for a particular opponent or a particular bowler. Don’t miss them!

If you pick a bowler as a captain or vice-captain, make sure the bowler has to take multiple wickets with a good economy rate.

All-Rounders are the key players for the captaincy roles in a fantasy cricket game. If you find a genuine one among the players, pick them with open hands. For example, Sunil Narine in the Kolkata Knight Riders team in IPL is their front line bowler who picks wickets with a good economy rate and probably opens the batting. A fantasy treat he is!

Go for better cricket preview websites before picking the team. Fantasy team predictors are also useful to identify the players’ availability and form. Collect more information as much as possible on the teams, pitch and conditions. For example, if there is a prediction of rain, pick the opening batsmen or the opening bowlers as the captain players.

Pick more than one team for every match. Thereby, you can try playing with different combinations of Captains and Vice-Captains.

Finally, picking the fantasy team is more like the combination and permutation. Pick the captain players so that they provide you with the minimum guarantee so that you won’t lose much with the points.

Wrapping things up!

With the rising popularity of online fantasy games in India, the competition has been stiffer than before.

Still, with the number of Cricket matches increasing in number, there are more chances now for everybody to win and it all comes with the game awareness and more practice in picking the fantasy teams.

Good luck in picking the team and especially your captains!!!

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