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Benefits of Fantasy cricket games compared to Online cricket games

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you already know the kind of craziness in India when it comes to cricket. People worship cricketers and follow every match in this country. From one-day test series to IPL, people are thoroughly engrossed in this game.

Cricket is a religion over here and thus, is a sport that is highly celebrated here. 

This sport unites people irrespective of caste, age, gender, religion, place of origin, and more. This is a hot topic of discussion at clubs, offices, parties, and get-togethers, etc. It is something that is deeply rooted in the hearts of Indians.

And there are so many advantages to playing fantasy cricket. Play now to start exploring this amazing world of cricket where you can experience real-life like cricket. You would be the owner of a team! You also have the right to make last-minute changes to the team based on toss wins, players’ injuries, and more. You have to be engaged 100% to win! 

And given the current situation, most people are engaging in fantasy cricket online. The best part is that you can form your team and play anywhere and anytime. When it comes to fantasy cricket, no one cares about the fact that you are on your couch in your pyjamas.

As long as you have a clear idea and skills about guessing the game, you are good to go.

It is fun, offers you various contests to participate in, is exciting, and gives you a platform to share your thoughts about cricket. There are fellow cricket enthusiasts from whom you can learn a lot about this sport. Yes, winning bountiful prize money is also another positive note.

You will be able to create your dream team just the way you have always wanted. In this blog, we are going to talk about how fantasy cricket is different from online cricket. Many of you must be surprised because you might have thought that both are the same. But this is not the case. Fantasy cricket is a great way to analyze your prediction skills, plan the cricket strategically, and a lot more. The two platforms might look similar, but they have some unique features of their own. 

Let’s get started.

Involve in the game like never before

The key difference between an online cricket game and fantasy cricket is that you have to be much more invested in fantasy cricket. In fantasy games, players get attached to every moment of the game. You have to strategize every move of yours and have to be present! It is something that will keep you engaged for hours. It is pretty different from other online cricket games. Since it is based on real-time games, your game skills will be tested way more.

Playing with real-time players

Another difference is the fact that fantasy cricket gives you everything live. It will depend on the ongoing live match and the cricketers you have selected. This is the reason why we always ask our readers to select cricketers based on their current forms.

Of course, you have to pay attention to their performance for many years, but the current form is very important. Every single shot and ball will determine your performance.

No lags, no interruptions

Unlike virtual cricket games, fantasy cricket does not involve lagging or real-time interruptions. This is why playing fantasy cricket is way more exciting than playing online cricket. It will keep you on your toes, and this will give you the adrenaline rush you have been looking for.

Win real money

As we have mentioned before, fantasy cricket allows you to win cash prizes. Once you win the contests against your opponents, you will see the money transferred to your account. However, it would help if you read the rules to know how to win real money.

Fantasy cricket is the fastest growing platform, and people have been more involved in it ever since the pandemic has hit the nation. If you pay attention to the cricket platforms, you will see that a large audience is loving fantasy cricket. It is a great way to make the most of time.

Many leading applications have been gaining immense popularity of late because of the success of fantasy cricket. It is interactive, helps you escape the real world, is very engaging and extremely informative. Make sure you choose seasoned players so that you can win the games.

However, we would suggest you play a few free games in the beginning. Unlike online cricket, in fantasy cricket, you have to stay updated. While playing fantasy cricket, remember that Captain gets 2x points and Vice Captain gets 1.5x points for the runs they score.

Whether a player is injured or there have been changes in the weather forecasts – you have to make sure that you are updated. This is a great way to keep yourself engaged during these challenging times.If you want to know how fantasy cricket has witnessed a surge in usage ever since the pandemic has begun, kindly read this blog by Forbes. It is a great escapade, and we think you will not regret spending time on these amazing platforms.

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