4 Best T20 Players and the Reasons that make them the Best!

Predicting the top player in Twenty20 cricket requires an awareness of consistency, adaptability, and game-changing skills in addition to current form. Whoever can bowl quickly or hit the ball forcefully while blindfolded and standing on one leg in a cyclone is the real champion. 

And for those who partake in the high-stakes realm of gambling, this volatility merely adds to the fun factor. Who among us doesn’t love the excitement of placing a wager at Gullybet on a player whose form peaks more wildly than a daytime soap opera plotline? 

So, while armchair experts and stats wizards churn out predictions with the confidence of weather forecasters, remember, in T20 cricket, anything is possible, and sometimes, the stats know as much as your pet cat.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a leading contender due to his exceptional skill, as shown by his highest rating of 897. Known for his aggressive batting and ability to chase challenging targets, Kohli’s expertise and consistency under duress are unrivalled​.

Oh, as if the world doesn’t already know who Virat Kohli is, let’s break down the ‘mystery’ of his success with some data you’ve probably never heard of.

Highest Rating897
Batting Average52.65 (across all T20 Internationals)
Total Runs3,296 (in T20 Internationals)
Strike Rate138.07
Total Centuries1 in T20 Internationals
Total Half-Centuries30
Best Score122*
StrengthsExcellent chase record, consistent performance in critical situations
Signature MovesMaster of chasing runs, adept at anchoring innings
Impact in High-Pressure GamesNoted for performances in World Cup and playoff matches

As if Virat Kohli’s measly achievements like a highest T20 rating of 897 and a knack for clutch performances make him the best. But seriously, his calm demeanor when the game’s on the line, coupled with the ability to spontaneously combust into a run-scoring machine? Those might just be minor indicators that he’s top-tier in the T20 format.

Ishan Kishan

Here we go again, let’s unearth some statistics about Ishan Kishan, a player you’ve barely heard of, right? Just another promising young talent on the scene.

Highest Rating717
Batting Average27.8 (in T20 Internationals)
Total Runs543 (in T20 Internationals)
Strike Rate131.48
Best Score89
StrengthsExplosive batting, versatility in varied conditions
Signature SkillsHigh-stakes performance, aggressive play in crucial moments

Ishan Kishan, with his fearless approach and explosive batting, is not just filling the scoreboard but reshaping how innings are built in the modern game. His ability to perform under pressure, adapt to different playing conditions, and dominate high-stakes matches suggests he’s not just a temporary spark but a lasting inferno in T20 cricket.

Babar Azam

Despite the intensity of Twenty20 cricket, Babar Azam maintains a composed temperament and displays technical proficiency. He reliably and routinely ranks among the best, delivering top-tier steadiness and performance against tough opponents.​

Highest Rating896
Batting Average45.52 (in T20 Internationals)
Total Runs2,686 (in T20 Internationals)
Strike Rate128.13
Total Centuries1
Total Half-Centuries26
Best Score122*
StrengthsTechnical mastery, calm under pressure
Signature SkillsConsistency against top teams, clutch performances

Babar Azam’s technical prowess and unflappable nature make him a cornerstone for Pakistan in T20s. His consistent performances against the world’s best under pressure are what elevate him from a great player to potentially the best in T20 cricket. 

Betting on Babar at Gullybet to be the best T20 player isn’t just a safe bet, it’s almost like investing in blue-chip stocks—reliable, consistent, and with a high return potential.

Suryakumar Yadav

In Twenty20 cricket, Suryakumar Yadav stands out due to his creative stroke play. With a top rating of 910, he is a truly exceptional player, not only is he effective, but his aggressive batting style can literally turn matches on its head.​

Highest Rating910
Batting Average39.95 (in T20 Internationals)
Total Runs1,563 (in T20 Internationals)
Strike Rate177.44
Best Score117
StrengthsInnovative stroke play, high impact innings
Signature SkillsGame-changing aggressive batting

Rising through the ranks, Suryakumar made a name for himself with his fearless approach, particularly against spin. Known for his 360-degree shot-making ability, he has been a key player in domestic leagues, enhancing his reputation as a versatile hitter capable of dominating any bowling lineup.


While many players shine in the T20 format, the best player is not just about high scores but also impact, consistency, and the ability to rise to the occasion. These four players, each with unique strengths, make strong cases for being the top T20 player, shaping the game’s future and exciting cricket fans worldwide.