5 Killer AB de Villiers Shots that make him Unstoppable

One would completely agree that AB De Villiers is the batsman who possesses the most cricket shots. It may be because he never cares for the perfection in his shots. What he does instead is, focuses on setting the ball into the spots he wishes to. This has eventually ended up with these umpteen number of shots in his kit. 

But we cannot find a better relationship than that of ABD and the middle of his bat. Timing the ball has always been a cakewalk for this South African. 

So, coming into the top 5 shots of ABD among the many he has, is always a roll-licking debate. Let’s get into it. 

1. The Fine sweep

Embed from Getty Images

Shuffles outside off stump – gets on his knees – gets underneath the ball – sweeps the steaming ball over the fine leg region. 

Along with being a mysterious usher in this shot, the amount of sweet spot ABD could bring in during the connection produces the fuel for the ball to reach beyond the destination. 

The ultimate error a bowler can make is to follow ABD throughout the shuffle because the 360° batter sweeps the bodyline ball even better. 

This shot is what ABD goes for every time he is at his top gear. The South African finds it convincing to go through that space since the fine leg fielder used to be inside the circle during the death overs. 

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