5 Bowlers to Dismiss Rahul Dravid the Most in Test Cricket

Getting rid of any top-class batsman in Test cricket is any bowler’s dream. Rahul Dravid was one such player whose wicket was always considered valuable for any bowler. His ability to play for longer duration with his rock solid yet calm temperament always made his wicket a game-changing one for the opposition bowlers. His solid technique and resolute approach frustrated the best bowlers.

Yet, there were bowlers who had dismissed him quite a few times. Rahul Dravid’s wicket in the longer format was considered valuable even more than the likes of his fellow teammates ‘Master Blaster’ Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman. The bowlers mentioned had different skill sets and they were successful in outsmarting ‘The Wall‘ that changed the outcome of a particular game.

These bowlers came up with plans that made them get rid of him even though they had to work hard to get his wicket. We take a look at five such bowlers who have dismissed Rahul Dravid the most number of times in the Red ball format.

Bowlers Who Dismissed Rahul Dravid the Most in Test Cricket

#5 Glenn McGrath (Australia, 5 Times)

“Pigeon” as he was fondly called during his playing days wasn’t lightning quick but his length always troubled the best batsmen in the world. The former pacer dismissed Dravid five times in his Test career.

McGrath made Dravid play on the back foot to drive the ball or to play the cut shot due to which he was caught behind or sometimes at the slips. McGrath bowled a middle and off line to Dravid putting him in two minds. Also, McGrath didn’t allow Dravid to drive comfortably. Dravid was sometimes made to play loose drives by McGrath with his clever seam movement and ultimately the right-hander got clean bowled.

#4 Shaun Pollock (South Africa, 6 Times)

Pollock was another bowler who didn’t hesitate to pitch full-length deliveries to Dravid outside the off stump. The former skipper swung the ball late making Dravid play forward to drive the ball sometimes getting caught at slips, gully or point. The former pacer used slower ones against Dravid on fast wickets to make him play the shot early.

Pollock dismissed Dravid 6 times in his Test career. Sometimes Pollock used to land the ball in the middle stump area that deviated and made him play the leg-glance ultimately getting out caught behind.

#3 Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka, 6 Times)

The Spin magician had this unique ability to turn the ball even on flat batting wickets. When it comes to outsmarting Rahul Dravid, Muralitharan made Dravid cut the ball on the back foot ultimately taking his wicket caught behind or chopping onto the stumps.

The former Sri Lankan spinner sometimes foxed Dravid with his flight where the right-hander would drive straight to the mid-off fielder. Muralitharan dismissed Rahul Dravid 6 times in his Test career.

#2 Brett Lee (Australia, 7 Times)

Brett Lee’s pace was a big threat for the best batsmen in the world but he had his own way of trapping Dravid. Dravid looked uncomfortable against the pacer’s fast outswingers while his hard length around the middle stump area troubled Dravid.

He looked clueless while facing this delivery. Lee also bowled fast full-length deliveries that didn’t allow Dravid to play the drives. The pacer dismissed the right-hander 7 times in his Test career.

#1 Shane Warne (Australia, 8 Times)

When a top-class performer like Dravid frustrated the bowlers, Warne always found a way to dismiss him. The late-leg spinner landed the ball around the middle stump and flighted the ball cleverly foxing Dravid to play the drive but the right-hander would either get caught at slips or would play through the wrong line and get dismissed caught behind.

Whether it was his googly, flippers, leg break or faster ones, Warne possessed plans for every batsman and the same goes with Dravid. The legendary leg spinner dismissed Dravid 8 times in his Test career.

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