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All you need to know on Cricket World Cup 2019

The Schedule for the Cricket World Cup 2019 has been announced by ICC on 26th April 2018. Analyzing the Cricket schedules has always been an interesting thing to do as it opens up numerous possibilities to look up to.

And that too, for the most premium tournament in the game of Cricket, it’s going to be a feast for the Cricket fans all over the world.

According to the Managing Director of ICC, Steve Elworthy, this tournament is the flagship event of the Cricketing world.

Yes, of course, it is.

What could one expect more when the top cricketing teams of the world travel around the birthplace of Cricket for a span of 46 days to play against each other?



First, let us look into the specifics of the World Cup 2019 Schedule

  • England and Wales are selected to host the Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • The 2019 World Cup Starts at 30th May 2019 and the Final to be played on 14th July 2019.
  • ICC reduced the number of teams to play the tournament to 10. (The teams’ count was 14 during the previous World Cup in 2015)
  • 11 Cricket Grounds across the country are chosen to conduct the matches.
  • The Oval to host the Tournament Opener and the Lords to stage the Final of 2019 Cricket World Cup.
  • Total of 45 league matches added to 3 Knock-outs including the Final will be played.
  • 6 out of 45 league matches will be played as Day/Night Matches.
  • All Knock-outs will be played as Day matches.
  • The Day Matches are scheduled to start at 3.00 pm IST & the Day/Night matches at 6.00pm IST.


What makes the ICC World Cup 2019 Schedule stands out?

There are two things which already has made this World Cup stand out,

  1. The 2019 format of Cricket World Cup will be the first one to not include every Test Playing Nations as Zimbabwe & Ireland are left out.
  2. Also, this will be the first World Cup to not include any Associate team.
Cricket World Cup 2019 Qualifiers
Windies and Afghanistan have qualified for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 through Qualifiers


The Round Robin Format!

Furthermore, this will be the 1st World Cup to feature the Round Robin Format in the last 25 years. It was previously featured in 1992 World Cup. Round Robin is a schedule format where every team in the tournament are scheduled to face every other team as in the IPL league matches.

Here, Every 10 teams will play 9 matches, thereby adding to 46 matches before the top 4 teams enter into the Semi-Finals on the road to the big Final.

Exciting!!! Right?

I am sure it is going to be a remarkable event in the history of cricket and a treat for the cricket fans all over the world.

And for the people living in England, they will be onto a Cricket festival for the span of 46 days in the next summer as the Top Cricketing stars will be roaming across the England cities.

But still, the wait is too long as we have more cricket coming on the way before getting into the big event. For Instance, we have India visiting England this July 2018 to play all formats of Cricket hanging there for almost 2 months, so this would be a call for all cricket lovers to witness one of the greatest rivalries in Cricket. If you have a greater understanding of the game, there is something else for you. Placing wagers on cricket can be interesting even if you don’t possess a good knowledge of this sport. But for any curious person who wants to learn more, to get some tips for cricket betting, there is a good way of using these online offers. It is a good way to have some fun and test your knowledge about this sport.

Now let us look into the schedule before finding out the other important facets of the World Cup 2019.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule

1MAY 30 - THU ENG VS SAKennington Oval, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
2MAY 31 - FRIWI VS PAKTrent Bridge, Nottingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
3JUNE 01 - SATNZ VS SLSophia Gardens, Cardiff3:00 PM10:30 AM
4JUNE 01 - SATAUS VS AFGCounty Ground, Bristol6:00 PM1:30 PM
5JUNE 02 - SUNSA VS BANKennington Oval, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
6JUNE 03 - MONENG VS PAKTrent Bridge, Nottingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
7JUNE 04 - TUEAFG VS SLSophia Gardens, Cardiff3:00 PM10:30 AM
8JUNE 05 - WEDSA VS INDThe Rose Bowl, Southampton3:00 PM10:30 AM
9JUNE 05 - WEDBAN VS NZKennington Oval, London6:00 PM1:30 PM
10JUNE 06 - THUAUS VS WITrent Bridge, Nottingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
11JUNE 07 - FRIPAK VS SLCounty Ground, Bristol3:00 PM10:30 AM
12JUNE 08 - SATENG VS BANSophia Gardens, Cardiff3:00 PM10:30 AM
13JUNE 08 - SATAFG VS NZThe Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton6:00 PM1:30 PM
14JUNE 09 - SUNIND VS AUSKennington Oval, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
15JUNE 10 - MONSA VS WIThe Rose Bowl, Southampton3:00 PM10:30 AM
16JUNE 11 - TUEBAN VS SRICounty Ground, Bristol3:00 PM10:30 AM
17JUNE 12 - WEDAUS VS PAKThe Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton3:00 PM10:30 AM
18JUNE 13 - THUIND VS NZTrent Bridge, Nottingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
19JUNE 14 - FRIENG VS WIThe Rose Bowl, Southampton3:00 PM10:30 AM
Kennington Oval, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
21JUNE 15 - SATSA VS AFGSophia Gardens, Cardiff6:00 PM1:30 PM
22JUNE 16 - SUNIND VS PAKOld Trafford, Manchester3:00 PM10:30 AM
23JUNE 17 - MONWI VS BANThe Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton3:00 PM10:30 AM
24JUNE 18 - TUEENG VS AFGOld Trafford, Manchester3:00 PM10:30 AM
25JUNE 19 - WEDNZ VS SAEdgbaston, Birmingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
26JUNE 20 - THUAUS VS BANTrent Bridge, Nottingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
27JUNE 21 - FRIENG VS SLHeadingley, Leeds3:00 PM10:30 AM
28JUNE 22 - SATIND VS AFGThe Rose Bowl, Southampton3:00 PM10:30 AM
29JUNE 22 - SATWI VS NZOld Trafford, Manchester6:00 PM1:30 PM
30JUNE 23 - SUNPAK VS SALord's, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
31JUNE 24 - MONBAN VS AFGThe Rose Bowl, Southampton3:00 PM10:30 AM
32JUNE 25 - TUEENG VS AUSLord's, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
33JUNE 26 - WEDNZ VS PAKEdgbaston, Birmingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
34JUNE 27 - THUWI VS INDOld Trafford, Manchester3:00 PM10:30 AM
35JUNE 28 - FRISRI VS SARiverside Ground, Chester-le-Street3:00 PM10:30 AM
36JUNE 29 - SATPAK VS AFGHeadingley, Leeds3:00 PM10:30 AM
37JUNE 29 - SATNZ VS AUSLord's, London6:00 PM1:30 PM
38JUNE 30 - SUNENG VS INDEdgbaston, Birmingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
39JULY 01 - MONSL VS WIRiverside Ground, Chester-le-Street3:00 PM10:30 AM
40JULY 02 - TUEBAN VS INDEdgbaston, Birmingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
41JULY 03 - WEDENG VS NZRiverside Ground, Chester-le-Street3:00 PM10:30 AM
42JULY 04 - THUAFG VS WIHeadingley, Leeds3:00 PM10:30 AM
43JULY 05 - FRIPAK VS BANLord's, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
44JULY 06 - SATSL VS INDHeadingley, Leeds3:00 PM10:30 AM
45JULY 06 - SATAUS VS SAOld Trafford, Manchester6:00 PM1:30 PM
SEMI-FINAL 1JULY 09 - TUETBC VS TBCOld Trafford, Manchester3:00 PM10:30 AM
SEMI-FINAL 2JULY 11 - THUTBC VS TBCEdgbaston, Birmingham3:00 PM10:30 AM
THE FINALJULY 14 - SUNTBC VS TBCLord's, London3:00 PM10:30 AM
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Analyzing the Schedule

The tourney starts with the hosting country England starting against South Africa in The Oval on May 30th, 2019.

Team India plays its first match against South Africa on June 5th, 2019 in The Rose Bowl Stadium.

India was supposed to start their campaign on June 2, but it was postponed on the request of BCCI as there should be a 15-day gap between Indian Premier League (IPL) final and international assignment as per the Lodha Committee recommendation.

“The 2019 IPL will be played between March 29 and May 19. But we need to maintain a 15-day gap and World Cup starts on May 30. Therefore as per 15 day gap we could have only played on June 5. Earlier, we were scheduled to start on June 2 but we couldn’t have played on that day,” a senior BCCI official present at the West Bengal capital told PTI on condition of anonymity.

You can read about it here.

india vs pakistan 2019 world cup schedule

The Much awaited India-Pakistan clash will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester on June 16th, 2019.

The Round Robin Format will allow every team to play against every other team thereby all possibilities of clashes will be in contention like what we see in IPL.

Also, it will give the teams, the time to prove their mettle before qualifying for the Semi-Finals. And that will make the competition fairer and healthier with teams coming back strong in different courses of the tournament.

But still, the factor of playing only 10 teams has been received badly by few Associate teams.

Read what the former CEO of Honk Kong Cricket has written about this decision of playing just 10 teams in the Social Forum – Quora.


The Knock Out Round

After the end of the league matches, the teams at No 1-4 will reach the semi-finals the No1 team will face the No.4 team in the Semi-Final 1, so does the No. 2 & No. 3 will face each other in the Semi-Final 2.

The reserve days are allocated too for the Semi-Finals and the Final.

The Semi-Finals will be battled in Old Trafford, Manchester & Edgbaston, Birmingham, respectively.

The Final is scheduled to take place on The Lords on 14th July 2019.


World Cup 2019 Venues


The Lords – World Cup 2019 Final Venue

11 Venues across England & Wales are chosen for the event. Here, I have arranged them in the Alphabetical order.

Cardiff Wales Stadium, Cardiff

County Ground Bristol, Bristol

County Ground Taunton, Taunton

Edgbaston, Birmingham

Hampshire Bowl, Southampton

Headingley, Leeds

Lord’s, London

Old Trafford, Manchester

The Oval, London

The Riverside, Chester-le-Street

Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Read: Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium is only next to Lords Cricket Stadium now!


Who said What?

ICC has gone under serious controversies for reducing the team count to 10 in the World Cup, thereby reducing the exposure of Associate teams in the big stage.

But, It clearly looks like the ICC plan is to take the game to a different level where there will be much more interesting clashes than the dead rubber matches in the early stage of the tournament.


The ICC Chief Executive David Richardson found saying,

“Next summer fans around the world will be treated to compelling and competitive cricket as the best teams in the world go head to head in this round-robin format for the right to be crowned World Champions.”


Also, the Managing Director of ICC, Steve Elworthy found saying,

“Today’s announcement of the schedule is another important moment in the build-up to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – the moment that the tournament comes to life for teams and cricket lovers across the world.”


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