Best of Cricketers Insta Live Chats – A Lockdown Special

Yes, we are under a pandemic attack. This is a crucial time for sure, but one should accept that things are not that bad. Being in the house, we are open to Netflixing and chilling and got more time to work on something that we always want to do. Trust me, you won’t get this time back.

And for cricket fans around the world, their favorite cricketers are making things more sweeter with their quirky instagram chats with the fellow cricketers.

So we thought, we would gather some of the best and funny comments made on the lockdown period insta live chats by our favorite cricketers. Speaking on lockdown times, now you can try your luck using eurojackpot online.

Kevin Pietersen & Virat Kohli

For a start, we will start with a romantic note by the Indian captain on spending time with his wife:

Kohli on spending time with Anushka: “We have never been at one place for so long. It’s bizarre. It’s not a good thing to single out something like this as an opportunity to spend together. But it’s what it is. We are being cautious and staying positive. If not for this, I’d be hanging out with you at Chinnaswamy stadium.”

This was during Kevin Pietersen’s interview with Virat Kohli on Instagram. More from that conversation:

Kevin Pietersen in RCB jersey
Kevin Pietersen when he played for RCB

While talking about their IPL side “Royal Challengers Bangalore”,

KP to Kohli: You were always sitting next to the experienced players, always the inquisitive kinds.

Kohli: Yeah, it was a great opportunity. I wanted to learn from the big players. You came in at the prime of your career. There were Kallis, Dravid, and so many others. I wanted to learn and be the best of myself. If someone told me 12 years later, these will be your number I would have told him to get lost.

For me, the most important thing is how can I make my team win. It was my goal when I started playing, and that has not changed.

And, then came the million-dollar question from KP:

KP: Why has RCB not won an IPL title?

Kohli: Big players in the team, there will be attention on the team. With big players, we will always be in the focus. We have reached 3 finals, not won, but then, those things are irrelevant, until you win the title. Even with the best team, we have not won. There is a team goal, we deserve to win the title. I think the more you try to do something, it tends to move away from you. I think we need to get the joy back into the team and not try and look to set goals.

Kohli on his India stint: Look, I started playing in 2008. I saw 2009, 10 and 11, 2011 is when we won the world cup. 2012 when we came to England, we lost badly. 2012 in Australia was difficult as well. Natural transition happens everywhere. I was at the centre. I saw how the world was changing. I was lucky, I had people with similar age playing together. We have competed all over the world. The vision and goal have aligned.

And, this comment from Virat made more fans happy.

Kohli on favourite batting partner: Two people I have enjoyed most batting with, well I like to bat with people who run well and understand my calling. So with MS Dhoni for India and with AB de Villiers otherwise. With AB, the partnership just flows. We don’t even talk cricket.

Find their the full chat video here:

Virat Kohli & AB de Villiers

Instagram live was on its peak in India when these two RCBians got into a chat. And, there was never a dull moment in this Insta Live chat.

The most hilarious moment came when they were talking about another RCBian who is taking the world upside down with his recent TikTok videos– Yuzi Chahal.

Here’s one of Chahal’s 3-Million watched video:

Virat to ABD: Have you seen his Tik Tok videos? You should go and check out Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tik Tok videos. You will not believe this guy is playing international cricket and he is 29-year-old. Just go and look at his videos. He’s an absolute clown.

ABD: Yuzi Chahal calls me at 1 am in the Morning, Yuzvendra Chahal is crazy. Oh, Man.

Here’s the complete video of them chatting:

Rohit Sharma & Jasprit Bumrah

Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah joined his Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma for an Instagram live chat session. One of the exciting parts of this conversation is when Bumrah brought in Chahal’s topic.

Bumrah to Rohit: If we face off against RCB in a match, I want to bowl against Chahal. I’ve told him I need to bat above him in the batting order. The day he hits a six, I will go below him.

Rohit: Even I feel you (Bumrah) should save an over and bowl against him (Chahal). Ever since he hit a straight drive in England, he has become a bit overconfident. We should tell him that he hasn’t hit a six in international cricket yet while you have hit a six against the No. 1 bowler in the world (Australia’s Pat Cummins).

Things became more hilarious when Chahal himself joined in the comments by asking if Mumbai Indians are missing a leg spinner in the squad.

Rohit was faster in his reply in a cheeky manner: “If the Mumbai Indians were losing, we would miss him. But we are winning now, why will we miss him? Chahal should sit in Bangalore, that’s the ideal situation for him.”

Later, the Mumbai Indians duo were speaking about the lockdowns and what they were doing to pass the time.

Jasprit Bumrah: I am watching Special Ops right now. Have taken the subscription of all streaming websites, Netflix, Amazon, etc. I will try and watch everything now.

He is on a mission now. And, here you can find their full conversation, that is later added to Mumbai Indians’ Youtube page:

Rohit on the lockdown: Nobody thought this would happen. Never thought would see empty roads in Mumbai.

Rohit on how he misses the IPL this time: We were excited with the team this time. Was very much looking forward to this year. We had a lethal new-ball bowling combination with you and Trent Boult. And we added Chris Lynn in our batting lineup. We have all our bases covered this year. But it’s ok we can’t control such things.

Yuzi Chahal & Suresh Raina on AB de Villiers

Raina: I’m a huge fan of Ab de Villiers. He is a top cricketer. AB and Virat had so many good partnerships. It feels like he was a Bangalore-born person living in South Africa.

Chahal: I’ve seen that wherever he plays in India– be it Bangalore or Mumbai, the crowd keeps cheering ‘AB! AB!

Raina: He’s so down-to-Earth, a very very good human being. It feels like he’s an Indian, his name should’ve been AB Devi Prasad or something like that!

Full Insta live video between Chahal and Raina:

David Warner & Kane Williamson

Warner and Kane were having a fun chat, and the fans had some good time listening to their favorite batsmen speaking about their personal favorites.

Warner: I would have you (Kane Williamson), Smithy (Steve Smith) and Virat to bat for my life.

When Kane was asked who he thinks the best batsman, he pinpointed two names.

Kane: It’s very hard to pinpoint one. Someone like AB — I know he only plays franchise cricket now, but in terms of gifted players, he is right up there. And a top guy as well. He’s one of the special players of our time. But (there are) so many quality players. Kohli, in all formats, has a real hunger to dominate. He is so good to watch and play against, and to learn as well. He has set the bar so high.

Kane on World Cup loss: That was a very emotional time. But it was kind of hard to be emotional right at that point in time. You were still very much looking at the next task at that time despite the ‘n’ number of things outside of your control.

It can happen in any cricket game, but just that in this context, it was a World Cup game. After the game, it was quite difficult to make sense of it. I think the thing we could reflect and be proud of was the cricket we played.

We saw throughout the World Cup how much the surfaces varied and what the good score was. 230-240 was quite competitive, and we managed to get a competitive total in the final at Lord’s. To come out and take wickets on the surface was quite good as well. Find the full video of their live chat here:

David Warner & Rohit Sharma

When these two striking openers came together to chat on Insta Live, the session went just like how the duo bat in cricket.

Rohit hailed Warner’s Tik tok efforts: You doing quite well on TikTok.

Here’s one of Warner’s popular Tik Tok video:

View this post on Instagram

ISO Monday’s #flicktheswitch @candywarner1

A post shared by David Warner (@davidwarner31) on

The topic moved to their batting partners when Rohit had to speak high of Shikhar Dhawan, his opening partner.

Inarticle 80

Rohit on Dhawan: He is an idiot, He does not like to face the first ball. He likes to play the spinner but does not like to take on the spinners. Sometimes he is very annoying as well. In the middle, I am setting up the game and 5 seconds he is like what did you say. Imagine, you are under tremendous pressure, and then this guy says all these things. It kinds of makes you frustrated.

And, do you remember Shikhar is David’s opening partner too, when they played for Sunrisers Hyderabad together. Here’s what he has to say about the Delhi left-hander.

Warner: One thing I always love about batting with Shikhar is that last ball, he will always run a single, without fail. First ball and last ball he always runs a single.

Here’s their full chat video, that longed for almost an hour:

Irfan Pathan & Suresh Raina

Irfan and Raina, who played for India together, we’re talking about how they were not communicated by the Indian selectors during their tough phases.

Irfan: Communication is very important. If they come and tell me ‘Irfan you have retired but you prepare for one year and you will be available for India selection’ then I will leave everything, give my heart and soul and will only do hardwork. But who will do the communication?

Irfan also asked Suresh Raina “if they (Selectors) say ‘Suresh Raina you have six months and there is a World Cup, we will consider you provided you perform well’ so won’t you give your all?” for which Raina replied with a “Yes, absolutely”.

Raina continued: We are still young and fit, but most importantly, we have that passion. We are fighters, if we get a chance, then we will surely perform. I’veI’ve seen a lot of players trying different things, even changing associations but they are not getting supporting. A sportsperson’s career is generally finished by 36 or 38. If he’she’s someone like MS Dhoni, who has a solid body, Sachin paaji too played till 40, Ashish Nehra played for a long, long time and there are a lot of others who performed but somehow didn’t fit in the team. I believe all these players should be respected, that’s it.

You can check out the duo’s complete chat here:

Matthew Hayden on CSK Live

Matthew Hayden during his Insta chat with his former IPL team Chennai Super Kings spoke about his time with the franchise and interesting incident involving MS Dhoni, his captain, and the mongoose bat he used in 2010.

Hayden revealed: It’s hard to give perspective on the mongoose bat. I get a lot of questions about this product. From a player’s point of view, they often ask how you can use half a bat. I remember MS Dhoni saying, ‘mate, I will give you anything in life you want not to use this bat. Please do not use this bat’.

Here’s the video:

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