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EXPLAINED: 3 New BBL 2020 Rules – Power Surge, X-Factor, and Bash Boost.

The 10th edition of the Big Bash League is back with a bang, and it will start from December 10th. To add to the unpredictability and excitement, a new set of rules will be introduced for the first time in this edition. These are Power Surge, X-Factor, and Bash Boost. The BBL chief Trent Woodhill has said that the rules are implemented to move from the regular pattern of T20 Cricket.

As stated by the authorities, the main aim is to keep up the game’s excitement for the full 40 overs and maximize strategic thinking.

We will look in detail at what the 3 new rules offer.

Power Surge

Power Surge is a 2 over a period where only a maximum of two fielders will be outside the 30-yard circle. So a batting team will have the option to use the power surge anytime after the 11th over the innings. The mandatory powerplay overs will be cut short to 4 overs instead of the usual 6 overs, while the remaining 2 overs can be used as a Power Surge.

Bash Boost

Bash Boost is introduced to reward the teams that take the maximum risk.  This is nothing but a bonus point that will be awarded to a side halfway through the second innings of the game. As per this rule,  the side batting second will receive a point if they are ahead of the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition and if they are trailing at the same juncture, the side which batted first receives the extra bonus point.  And this BBL also moves away from the 2 point system as now the side winning will get 3 points.


This can be called a version of super-sub which was in place for some time in the early to mid-2000s. Here in X-factor, a player who is named either the 12th or 13th man of a team can come into the team anytime after the 10th over of the first essay. He can replace a player who is yet to bat or has not bowled more than 2 overs till that point in time.

The idea is outstanding and it is sure to increase the quality of the BBL even more. 

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