What will Cricket look like in the future?

When I saw this question on ‘future of Cricket’ in Quora, I wanted to extract a few thoughts of the Quorans who answered, to my blog.

I found an interesting perspective, on how the cricket might look like in 2030.

The below predictions are carefully made, keeping in mind, how has cricket changed over the years and also based on the technological improvements in Cricket.


The Changes, possible in the future of Cricket is expected to be in 3 different aspects.

  1. The Changes in Format.
  2. Technological Improvement.
  3. The Viewing Experience.

Let us see one by one.


Changes expected in the Formats

2 Innings ODI Matches

The Format, which was suggested by Sachin Tendulkar long back, could be a possibility in the coming years.

To me, more than Test Cricket, ODI is the format, which looks more affected by the rise of T20 globally.

ODI matches nowadays look like an extended version of T20s, whereas the Test Cricket still has its own followers.

The limited over players, who are customed to the shortest version of the game, are finding it more difficult to make peace with the older format – ODI.

Also, the cricket fans nowadays are losing patience as they prefer the short and crispy T20 formats to the One Day Matches.

So the possibility of seeing the 2 Innings ODI Matches, with 20-25 Overs per innings is not very far.


The rise of League Culture

It is also possible that Cricket might completely turn into a league formatted game, like Football.

International Matchces might get restricted within the Champions trophy and the World Cup Tournaments.


More T20s & Less Test Cricket

Like I said before, T20s might become more powerful than ODIs & Test matches.

Test Cricket is boring?
Image Courtesy: ESPN CricInfo

Even though the Test Matches have their own followers, I believe the numbers are coming down as people are losing interest over longer format.

Only a few countries like India, England, & Australia are able to pull the audience to the ground even for the longer format of the game.

To spice up things a bit, instead of current bilateral series, ICC have planned for tournaments like a single Test World Championships and ODI leagues, similar to Football leagues.

But Test Cricket & ODI in the current format may not last too long.


Changes in rules of Cricket

We can also expect drastic changes in the rules of Cricket in the future, favouring the excitement of the formats.

The DRS might evolve into more convincing one for sure. Also, the D/L method might find an alternative.

Powerplay Overs rules are the one, which has seen serious development over the years, and I suspect more to come.

Also, I would like to hear from you on this; What are you expecting as the changes in rules in cricket in the future?

Pour your thoughts in the comment section.


Technological Improvements (Predicted)

I have listed the below based on the current technology, and what could be in a more matured state by 2030.

With the pace the technology is currently growing, there could be much more advancements in this field which cannot be perceived at this point in time.

The future technology advancements in Cricket are more likely:

    • No on-field umpires or only one umpire. With the number of reviews happening nowadays, it makes sense to have more umpires watching and taking decisions by watching TV or using AI rather than being on the field.
    • Health Monitors to the players. JARVIS style AI would be an overkill, but I am expecting at least something in the lines of a health monitoring wrist bands and jackets which feeds back real time biological data to the medics and/or players themselves.
    • Instead of net practice, better AI simulators and Virtual Reality for the players to get trained in a comprehensive manner.
    • On field communications with the players. Not just by the commentators, but also by the team in the dressing room to share the views and discuss strategies. Yeah, Hansie Cronje may not be wrong after all, he is just ahead of others into the future.
    • Much lighter and stronger pads, helmets, bats.
    • Smarter Cricket bats with tracking devices are already in process.
    • Sensors on/within pitches.
    • Roofs to protect from the rain. Or pitches, more like artificial, synthetic or water resistant pitches which don’t change their behaviour with the rain or changes in weather.
    • Advanced electronic line judging systems to make decisions about the No-Balls, Wides and Boundaries similar to the likes of Cyclops, Hawk Eye etc.. but much more advanced and foolproof.


The Viewing Experience

More Camers

Cameras on bats, balls, shoes, boundaries, and roofs are possible. Spidercams are already providing a unique angular view to the audience and things are bound to develop really fast. The Days of smart Cricket watching are not far.

Technologial Improvements in Cricket
SpiderCam in Cricket ground

Cricket into VR World

Virtual Reality is already into the Cricket with IPL 2018 introduced it in Cricketing world. It might be the future of Cricket’s viewing experience.

With all such cameras around the stadium, the real-time data could be transmitted to a central hub to build a live virtual digital stadium.

Having this in place, people with a VR kit anywhere in the world could get an experience of being in the stadium themselves, We could possibly stand in the virtual playing field plugged into a VR kit and see directly what players see from their own positions.


TV Broadcast is already a joke.

Just like the decreasing user base to radio commentary now, live TV broadcast could be a joke in 2030.

Inarticle 80

Online streaming could be a norm, which includes our own customized options to check our own stats, replays and analysis of the game.

A more interactive way of entertainment rather than watching what they present is possible.


Wrapping things up!

During a recent cricketing interview with the Trent Bridge groundsman, he explained about the worsening climate in England and England Cricket Board’s preparation to overcome that with the smart drainage conditions and advanced pitch making techniques.

It is also ICC’s job to make Cricket a global game, and improve the game not only financially, but in all aspects.

Thanks to Teja P, who allowed me to steal his words & thoughts for my blog!


Any article without its feedbacks is only half-done.

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