Top 10: Indian Players with the Most Run Outs in All Formats

There are 11 ways a batter can get out, and 5 of them can be termed as the most common modes of dismissal in cricket. One of them is the run out, where a batter is away from the crease and the stumps are disturbed.

It is one of the dismissals that don’t add up to a bowler’s wicket tally, and it can be attributed to a fielder’s brilliance or a batter’s lapse in concentration. So either way, run outs are one of the most frustrating ways for a batter to get out.

We will see which Indian players have been on the receiving side of run outs the most times in their international cricketing journey. Here are the top 10 Indian players with the most run outs in all formats combined.

Indian Players with the Most Run Outs (All Formats)

Player InningsNo. of Run Outs
Rahul Dravid60553
Sachin Tendulkar78243
Mohammad Azharuddin45539
Anil Kumble30928
Sourav Ganguly48827
Virender Sehwag44327
MS Dhoni52625
Virat Kohli57421
Navjot Singh Sidhu20521
Javagal Srinath21321

Key insights from the above stats

195: Over 195 Indian players have been run out at least once in their international careers.

36: Number of Indian players who have been run out 10 or more times in international cricket. It shrinks to 13 when we take into account players who have been run out 20 or more times.

53: Rahul Dravid holds the dubious record of getting out the most via a run out among Indian players as well as international players. In the 53 times he has been run out, Dravid has amassed 2358 runs across formats (the most) and scored 6 centuries in the process.

40: Out of 53, 40 of Dravid’s run outs have come in the ODI format. This is again the most time an Indian player has been dismissed by way of a run out. Sachin Tendulkar and Azharuddin come in 2nd and 3rd with 34 and 32 run outs, respectively.

The rest 13 of his run outs have come in Tests, and interestingly, Dravid does not lead the pack when it comes to most run outs in Test cricket, and the record is held by Ricky Ponting, who has 15.

6: MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, known for their fitness and running between wickets, ironically have been run out on 6 occasions in T20I cricket, the most times among Indian cricketers.

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