IPL 2020

IPL 2020 – Complete Schedule

Find in the below table, the complete fixture of Indian Premier League 2020 edition.

Check the current standings of the teams here –> POINTS TABLE

1SEPT 19, 2020MI VS CSK7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
2SEPT 20, 2020DC VS KXIP7.30 PMDubai
3SEPT 21, 2020SRH VS RCB7.30 PMDubai
4SEPT 22, 2020RR VS CSK7.30 PMSharjah
5SEPT 23, 2020KKR VS MI7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
6SEPT 24, 2020KXIP VS RCB7.30 PMDubai
7SEPT 25, 2020CSK VS DC7.30 PMDubai
8SEPT 26, 2020KKR VS SRH7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
9SEPT 27, 2020RR VS KXIP7.30 PMShrajah
10SEPT 28, 2020RCB VS MI7.30 PMDubai
11SEPT 29, 2020DC VS SRH7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
12SEPT 30, 2020RR VS KKR7.30 PMDubai
13OCT 1, 2020KXIP VS MI7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
14OCT 2, 2020CSK VS SRH7.30 PMDubai
15OCT 3, 2020RCB VS RR3.30 PMAbu Dhabi
16OCT 3, 2020DC VS KKR7.30 PMSharjah
17OCT 4, 2020MI VS SRH3.30 PMSharjah
18OCT 4, 2020KXIP VS CSK7.30 PMDubai
19OCT 5, 2020RCB VS DC7.30 PMDubai
20OCT 6, 2020MI VS RR7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
21OCT 7, 2020KKR VS CSK7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
22OCT 8, 2020SRH VS KXIP7.30 PMDubai
23OCT 9, 2020RR VS DC7.30 PMSharjah
24OCT 10, 2020KXIP VS KKR3.30 PMAbu Dhabi
25OCT 10, 2020CSK VS RCB7.30 PMDubai
26OCT 11, 2020SRH VS RR3.30 PMDubai
27OCT 11, 2020MI VS DC7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
28OCT 12, 2020RCB VS KKR7.30 PMSharjah
29OCT 13, 2020SRH VS CSK7.30 PMDubai
30OCT 14, 2020DC VS RR7.30 PMDubai
31OCT 15, 2020RCB VS KXIP7.30 PMSharjah
32OCT 16, 2020MI VS KKR7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
33OCT 17, 2020RR VS RCB3.30 PMDubai
34OCT 17, 2020DC VS CSK7.30 PMSharjah
35OCT 18, 2020SRH VS KKR3.30 PMAbu Dhabi
36OCT 18, 2020MI VS KXIP7.30 PMDubai
37OCT 19, 2020CSK VS RR7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
38OCT 20, 2020KXIP VS DC7.30 PMDubai
39OCT 21, 2020KKR VS RCB7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
40OCT 22, 2020RR VS SRH7.30 PMDubai
41OCT 23, 2020CSK VS MI7.30 PMSharjah
42OCT 24, 2020KKR VS DC3.30 PMAbu Dhabi
43OCT 24, 2020KXIP VS SRH7.30 PMDubai
44OCT 25, 2020RCB VS CSK3.30 PMDubai
45OCT 25, 2020RR VS MI7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
46OCT 26, 2020KKR VS KXIP7.30 PMSharjah
47OCT 27, 2020SRH VS DC7.30 PMDubai
48OCT 28, 2020MI VS RCB7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
49OCT 29, 2020CSK VS KKR7.30 PMDubai
50OCT 30, 2020KXIP VS RR7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
51OCT 31, 2020DC VS MI3.30 PMDubai
52OCT 31, 2020RCB VS SRH7.30 PMSharjah
53NOV 1, 2020CSK VS KXIP3.30 PMAbu Dhabi
54NOV 1, 2020KKR VS RR7.30 PMDubai
55NOV 2, 2020DC VS RCB7.30 PMAbu Dhabi
56NOV 3, 2020SRH VS MI7.30 PMSharjah
Qualifier 1
Eliminator 1
Qualifier 2

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