Top 10: Most 200+ Partnerships in Test Cricket by Batting Pairs

Good partnerships are always hard-hitting for the opponent team, especially in Test cricket. When it goes well together, it goes really well. Two batters batting together with the right synchronisation and understanding can save Test matches and, most often, put any top opposite team on a back foot.

Only two batting duo in the history of Test cricket have managed to hit 200+ partnership scores 6 times in their career while batting together – Jacques Kallis/Hashim Amla and Matthew Hayden/Justin Langer.

Eight other pairs have done it four times, and we will see the top batting pairs who have scored the most 200+ partnerships in Test cricket in the list below.

Most 200+ Runs Partnerships in Test cricket

Hashim Amla - Jacques Kallis (SA)667392361.29377*
Matthew Hayden - Justin Langer (AUS)6122608151.53255
Mike Atherton - Graham Gooch (ENG)457304853.47263
Michael Clarke - Michael Hussey (AUS) 464337255.27334*
Michael Clarke - Ricky Ponting (AUS)436233066.57386
Rahul Dravid - Virender Sehwag (IND)460340558.70410
Rahul Dravid - Sachin Tendulkar (IND)4143692050.51249
Sourav Ganguly - Sachin Tendulkar (IND)471417361.36281
Gordon Greenidge - Desmond Haynes (WI)4148648247.31298
Mohammad Yousuf - Younis Khan (PAK)442313778.42363

Key Stats

The West Indian duo ‘Gordon Greenidge – Desmond Haynes’ have batted together for a record 148 times in Test cricket – the most by any Test pair.

However, the all-time favorite pair ‘Rahul Dravid – Sachin Tendulkar’ has scored the most partnership runs in Test cricket – 6920 runs in the 143 innings they batted together. The Indian duo also leads the chart for the most 100 partnerships for India in Test cricket.

The ‘Michael Clarke – Ricky Ponting’ pair has been the least batted together among the celebrated names in the above list. The Australian mates were on the field with the bat only 36 times in their playing days, averaging a magnificent 66.57.

Speaking about the batting average, the Pakistani pair of ‘Mohammad Yousuf – Younis Khan’ has the best batting average on the list.

The top Amla/Kallis pair has converted 3 of their 6 double-century partnerships to cross the triple-century mark – again, the most by any pair.

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No pair in Test cricket has made more than one 400+ partnerships.

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