Here are the Top 10 Run scorers of 2018 in the ODI Format.

Most Runs in ODI [2018]

V Kohli (IND)120214133.55160*6/3
R Sharma (IND)10301973.57152*5/3
J Bairstow (ENG)10252246.591394/2
J Root (ENG)9462459.12113*3/5
B Taylor (ZIM)8982142.761382/4
S Dhawan (IND)8971949.831273/2
J Roy (ENG)8942240.631803/1
F Zaman (PAK)8751767.30210*2/6
S Hope (WI)8751867.30146*3/3
M Rahim (BAN)7701955.001441/5

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Batting Records (ODI in 2018)

Most Centuries in ODI in 2018: Virat Kohli – 6 (Most ODI Centuries in a Calendar Year)

Most Fifties in ODI in 2018: Eoin Morgan (ENG) – 7

Most 50+ Scores in ODI 2018 – Virat Kohli (IND) – 9

Highest Individual Innings Score in 2018: Fakhar Zaman (PAK) – 210* vs Zimbabwe

Most Sixes in ODI in 2018: Rohit Sharma – 39

Most Fours in ODI in 2018: Shikhar Dhawan (IND) – 127

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