List: India’s Longest Winning Streak in ODI

The dominance of one team over the other can be used to assess its superiority. In a bilateral series, it is common for a team to sweep its opponents. However, winning consecutive matches is a clear indication of true supremacy.

India has been a competitive side and has challenged their opponents in many matches. India’s longest winning streak in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) is 10 matches. This achievement was accomplished during the 2023 ODI World Cup that happened in India.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at India’s longest winning streak in the ODI format.

India’s Longest Winning Streak in ODI

Streak No.Matches WonAgainstMarginVenueDate
110AustraliaWon by 6 wicketsChennai 8 Oct 2023
AfghanistanWon by 8 wicketsDelhi11 Oct 2023
PakistanWon by 7 wicketsAhmedabad14 Oct 2023
BangladeshWon by 7 wicketsPune19 Oct 2023
New ZealandWon by 4 wicketsDharamsala22 Oct 2023
EnglandWon by 100 runsLucknow29 Oct 2023
Sri LankaWon by 302 runsWankhede2 Nov 2023
South AfricaWon by 243 runsEden Gardens 5 Nov 2023
NetherlandsWon by 160 runsBengaluru12 Nov 2023
New ZealandWon by 70 runsWankhede15 Nov 2023
29EnglandWon by 158 runsRajkot14 Nov 2008
EnglandWon by 54 runsIndore17 Nov 2008
EnglandWon by 16 runsKanpur20 Nov 2008
EnglandWon by 19 runsBengaluru23 Nov 2008
EnglandWon by 6 wicketsCuttack26 Nov 2008
Sri LankaWon by 6 wicketsDambulla28 Jan 2009
Sri LankaWon by 15 runsColombo (RPS)31 Jan 2009
Sri LankaWon by 147 runsColombo (RPS)3 Feb 2009
Sri LankaWon by 67 runsColombo (RPS)5 Feb 2009
39West IndiesWon by 8 wicketsKingston06 Jul 2017
Sri LankaWon by 9 wicketsDambulla 20 Aug 2017
Sri LankaWon by 3 wicketsPallekele 24 Aug 2017
Sri LankaWon by 6 wicketsPallekele 27 Aug 2017
Sri LankaWon by 168 runsColombo (RPS)31 Aug 2017
Sri LankaWon by 6 wicketsColombo (RPS)3 Sep 2017
AustraliaWon by 26 runsChennai 17 Sep 2017
AustraliaWon by 50 runsEden Gardens 21 Sep 2017
AustraliaWon by 5 wicketsIndore24 Sep 2017

(You can check out the same for IPL teams here.)

Key Insights

10: India registered a winning streak of 10 matches as they defeated their opponent teams with ease. India would have continued this streak even further but Australia turned out to be a strong opponent in the 2023 World Cup final, halting India’s dominating winning run in the ODIs.

3: For the first time, India beat Australia in each of the first three matches of a bilateral ODI series between India and Australia. This happened in September 2017, and before this series, India had beaten Australia in a match in 2016, making it 4 consecutive wins. This was, however, only the second time India won 4 consecutive games against Australia, the first occurring between 1996 and 1998.

9: Australia then broke the 9-match winning streak of India in the same series by defeating India by 21 runs in the fourth ODI. With this loss, India equalled their first winning streak of 9 matches that occurred between 2008 and 2009.

5: During the 2017 ODI series against Sri Lanka, India handed a clean sweep to their neighbours by winning the series by a margin of 5-0. However, this was the second instance where India clean-swept Sri Lanka in a 5-match ODI series. The first time this happened was in 2014 when both sides played in India.

Inarticle 80

1: Following the terror attacks in Mumbai on November 26, the remaining 2 ODIs between India and England were cancelled from the 2008-09 series, with India winning the series 5-0. This was the first time India whitewashed England in a bilateral series involving 5 or more matches.

9: In February 2009, Sri Lanka broke the 9-match consecutive winning streak of India by defeating India by 68 runs. This was India’s first-longest winning streak in the ODI format.

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