Top 10: Batsmen with Most Runs in a Single Day of a Test Match

Test Cricket is generally associated with batsmen having a sound defense. Still, sometimes the attacking gameplay could be the need of the hour, and only a few batsmen have made it possible. It is crucial to understand the attacking openers in Test cricket do have a strong defense. They have the entertainment factor in their hands, and they will be aware of the risks too. The crowds love to watch from the stands when lots of runs are scored in a single day in a Test match.

It is time to look at the top 10 batsmen with the most runs in a single day in a Test match.

10) Karun Nair (IND) – 232 runs vs England (Chennai, 2016)

Karun Nair created history in the fifth Test of the 2016 home series against England by becoming the second Indian triple centurion. You can find out about every Indian triple centurion on this page. He finished unbeaten 303 in the innings of 381 balls with 32 fours and 4 sixes. The right-hander scored 232 runs on the fourth day while getting to his triple century, the tenth most runs in a single day in a test match. Nair’s triple century helped India win the Test by an innings and 75 runs.

9) Frank Worrell (WI) – 239 runs vs England (Nottingham, 1950)

Frank Worrell was one of the valuable all-rounders to have played for the West Indies Test team in the 1950s. The right-hander scored a mammoth 261 against England in the third Test at Nottingham in 1950. Out of the 261, Frank Worrell scored 239 runs in a single day which is the ninth most runs scored in a single day of a Test. His innings comprised 35 fours and 2 sixes, and he batted for 335 minutes at the crease. West Indies went on to win the Test by 10 wickets in the match.

8) David Warner (AUS) – 244 runs vs New Zealand (Perth, 2015)

In the second Test of the home series against New Zealand, Warner scored a massive double century on the first day of the Test. He finished the innings with 253 runs in 286 balls comprising of 24 four and 2 sixes. He scored 244 runs on the first day, which is the eight most runs on a single day in a Test. Ross Taylor hit 290 in the same high-scoring Test, and the match went on to be drawn between the two teams.

7) Don Bradman (AUS) – 244 runs vs England (The Oval, 1934)

Don Bradman is regarded as the greatest cricketer to have played the game. Doubt it? Check a few of his insane cricketing records to get your mind blown away. In the fifth away Test against England at Oval, Bradman scored 244 in the first innings on the first day. His innings comprised 32 fours and one six, and he batted 316 minutes in the crease. Bradman’s 244 is the seventh-highest runs scored on a single day in a Test. No wonder why he is one of the best in the business.

6) Virender Sehwag (IND) – 257 runs vs South Africa (Chennai, 2008)

Virender Sehwag is often associated with scoring very quickly in any format, and he did not mind Test cricket. The right-hander scored a triple century in the Chennai Test against South Africa in 2008. Out of his 319 runs, Sehwag scored 257 runs on the third day of the Test, which is the sixth most runs scored on a day in Tests. His innings comprised 42 fours and 5 sixes, and he finished at a strike rate of 104.93. The match was drawn in the end after both teams batted well.

5) Don Bradman (AUS) – 271 runs vs England (Leeds, 1934)

Don Bradman scored a triple century in the Test against Australia in 1934 at Leeds. His 304 runs off 473 balls innings comprised 43 fours and 2 sixes, and the right-hander looked unstoppable. Bradman hit 271 runs on a single day in the Test, which is the fifth most by any batsmen on a single day in Tests. However, with Australia playing just one innings, the match was drawn in the end.

4) Denis Compton (ENG) – 273 runs vs Pakistan (Nottingham, 1954)

In the 2nd Test between Pakistan and England in 1954 at Nottingham, Dennis Compton played a superlative inning. Compton scored 278 in the first innings for England, and his innings comprised 34 fours and one six. Compton started the second day at 5 not out, and he added 273 runs on the second day alone, which is the fourth most runs scored in a day in a Test. England went on to win the Test by an innings and 129 runs.

3) Virender Sehwag (IND) – 284 runs vs Sri Lanka (Brabourne, 2009)

Virender Sehwag smashed the Sri Lankan bowlers to all parts in the 2009 Mumbai Test. On the second day of the Test, Sehwag finished with an unbeaten 284, the third-most runs scored on a single day in Tests. The right-hander finished with 293 off 254 balls with 40 fours and 7 sixes in his innings. Find out the list of most 200s in Test cricket here. Sehwag had put India in the driver seat as India went on to win the Test easily by an innings and 24 runs.

2) Wally Hammond (ENG) – 295 runs vs New Zealand (Auckland, 1933)

In the second Test of the away series against New Zealand, England’s legendary batsmen Wally Hammond came in at three and smashed a triple century. He scored 295 runs in the second day alone after resuming his innings at 41 not out on the first day. He remained unbeaten on 336 at the end of the innings with 34 fours and 10 sixes. The match was drawn with New Zealand batting at 16 for no loss in their second innings.

1) Don Bradman (AUS) – 309 runs vs England (Leeds, 1930)

Don Bradman holds the record for most runs scored in a single day in a Test Match. The Australian batsman scored 309 runs on the first day of the Leeds Test in 1930. He finished with 334 off 448 deliveries with 46 fours in his innings. England followed on in the Test, and eventually, the game went on to be drawn. Bradman averaged nearly 99 in Test cricket at the time of his retirement, which is yet to be broken. No one in the game has been as successful as him, and his name will live for a long time.

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