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Top 10: Most Test Wins in a Calendar Year by Teams

Test cricket is the only format where teams get as many as 4 chances to turn the tables on their opponents. But winning a Test match requires a lot of dedication and courage from each of the players. 

And if a team has such players in their ranks, then no one can stop them from conquering this tough format. A few teams have established their dominance in the Test format, having won matches after matches in a particular year.

In this article, we’ll look at the top ten instances of teams with the most Test wins in a calendar year.

Most Test Wins in a Calendar Year by Teams

TeamMatches PlayedWinsWin %Year
West Indies151173.331984
South Africa151173.332008

Key Insights

11: 3 teams — the West Indies, England, and South Africa — hold the joint record for winning the most Test matches in a calendar year. All 3 teams have won 11 matches each.

1: Once a dominant side in Test cricket, the West Indies became the first team to register 10+ wins in a single year in the longer format.

10: Australia is one of the most consistent sides in Test cricket, having won 10 Tests each in 2002, 2004, and 2006. And they are the only team to win 10 or more matches in more than 3 calendar years.

115: There are more than 115 instances of teams winning at least 5 Test matches in a single year.

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