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5 Must-Do Fantasy League Tips before picking your Dream 11 team

A beautiful thing with Cricket is, it never fails to amaze you with shocking twists throughout its span. Predicting a game before it commences is always a challenging task for any Cricket fan. And that’s where the Cricket Fantasy leagues come into play.

To talk about Dream 11, it has already positioned itself as a safe and simple to use fantasy league in a very short time. Especially, their Fantasy League App is reliably simple and can be put to use without much effort. Also, their cash price challenges are real and at the arm distance of anyone who can rightly predict the best 11 players of the match.

Tasks like picking the right Power-Player, finding the right mix of batsmen and bowlers and picking the potential all-rounder who can contribute in more than one way are the basic necessity in picking the Dream 11 team.

Apart from these, there are other things which almost most of the fantasy league players fail to do. And these are the things where the experts and the winners stand out.

And I have tried to list those 5 Must-do Fantasy League tricks/tips one should get into the mind before picking any fantasy league teams. Let us get into the list right away.

Availability of Players

The one mistake you should never make in Fantasy League is picking the player who is not available for the game.

There are plenty of Cricket specific websites which provides excellent game insights and probable Playing XIs.

You can also check on with CricIndeed’s homepage regularly for the preview posts before the start of every cricket matches.

Doing a little research will be very handy, especially when you play a fantasy league where the teams get locked before the toss.

Research on the young players

This is something very tricky. Something we usually miss to do. One might feel why to bother with any young players when we can have 11 stars in our fantasy team.

But still, you have to consider those young players on the regular basis. We should at least have one spot in the team for them. This is because of the tight budget the Fantasy league will provide you.

To have players like Rohit, Kohli, ABD & Raina in the team at the same time, you should pick a player worth 60-65k. This is how the fantasy has been played all over the globe.

Picking that one player who also gives you point is the most tricky thing you might face in the fantasy game. Do a little research and pick someone who adds more value to the team.

Deepak Chahar - IPL Fantasy League
Deepak Chahar proved in IPL why he is one of the best picks in Fantasy Leagues.

I usually go with the young bowlers who could bowl their full quota of 4 overs (in T20) & pick wickets thereby ending with a handful of points.

Go with the gaming conditions.

This is where the winners stand out. They don’t usually pick their players based on their previous game or the previous year performances (in some cases) unless the player is in his prime form.

Pick them based on their present-day opponents. Be daring to avoid a striking opening batsman when the opposition has a more tightened bowling line-up.

Pick the batsmen based on the size of the grounds and pick the bowlers based on the nature of the pitch.

One thing I personally do is Pre-run the match keeping all the above aspects in the mind and it always helps.

Pick the right platform to play

Playing Fantasy leagues can be a crafty work. You should be comfortable with the platform on which you play the game.

Pre-plan the line-up and always make sure, you are left with sufficient time to think before picking the right players. The last-minute picks can harm you and it is your hard-earned money you are playing with.

The best thing we have nowadays is the Fantasy Cricket App. Using them can cut short most of your work and they are very easy to use too.

Don’t be a fanboy in Fantasy Cricket

For some people, it will be really harder to leave their favourite players out of their team.

dhoni fans

Yuvraj and Dhoni must be having the greatest fan base in India but they have not always yielded many points in their IPL career, at least in fantasy.

It must be because of the position at which they bat.

Choose an opener like Mayank Agarwal or Rohit Sharma who will open the bat and has the ability to play shots all around the ground. Or pick an All-Rounder whose ability to bowl and bat to provide few extra points.

To Close

I never believe that winning a fantasy game is a mere luck. It needs the right intuition with the right blend of gaming mind.

It is not going to come easily unless one takes it seriously and put on more background works into that.

And I have seen people mastering it very quickly and started earning the fistfuls of cash through them.

I would appreciate if you can comment on more tips and tricks which you practice in your fantasy teams.

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