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The Ashes: Ranking the Ten Greatest Bowling Spells in the Series History

The Ashes series, contested between England and Australia, has witnessed some unforgettable bowling performances throughout its rich history. From astonishing figures to dominant displays, these bowlers left an indelible mark on the prestigious rivalry. Jim Laker’s mesmerising 10-for-53 in 1956, Arthur Mailey’s exceptional 9-for-121 in 1920/21, and Frank Laver’s stellar 8-for-31 in 1909 are just a few examples of the extraordinary feats achieved on Ashes battlegrounds. 

Let’s delve into the top 10 Ashes bowling performances, reliving the moments that showcased the skill, determination, and genius of these remarkable bowlers.

Jim Laker’s Unforgettable 10-for-53 (Manchester, 1956)

Jim Laker’s bowling performance during the 1956 Ashes series at Manchester is etched in cricketing history as one of the most unforgettable displays of skill and dominance. With astonishing figures of 10 wickets for 53 runs in the first innings, and 9 wickets for 37 runs in the second innings, Laker’s remarkable tally of 19 wickets for 90 runs remains unparalleled to this day. His relentless attack shattered the Australian batting line-up and paved the way for England’s historic victory. Laker’s extraordinary feat established him as a legend of the game and forever cemented his name in Ashes folklore.

Arthur Mailey’s Exceptional 9-for-121 (Melbourne, 1920/21)

Arthur Mailey’s exceptional bowling performance during the 1920/21 Ashes series at Melbourne deserves immense recognition. In a gripping encounter, Mailey’s figures of 9 wickets for 121 runs proved instrumental in Australia’s success. His crafty spin and impeccable control baffled the English batsmen, making it incredibly challenging for them to score runs. Mailey’s ability to consistently deceive the opposition with his variations showcased his mastery as a spinner. His remarkable display of skill and determination played a crucial role in securing victory for the Australian team. 

Frank Laver’s Stellar 8-for-31 (Manchester, 1909)

Frank Laver’s stellar bowling display during the 1909 Ashes series at Manchester left a lasting impact on the cricketing world. Laver’s remarkable figures of 8 wickets for 31 runs showcased his exceptional skill and precision. His ability to exploit the conditions and extract movement troubled the English batsmen, leading to their downfall. Laver’s accuracy and consistency in hitting the right areas made it incredibly difficult for the opposition to score runs. His outstanding performance played a pivotal role in Australia’s triumph, highlighting his immense value as a bowler.

Terry Alderman’s Crucial 8-for-94 (Perth, 1982/83)

Terry Alderman’s outstanding bowling performance in the third Test of the 1982/83 Ashes series at Perth deserves recognition. Alderman’s figures of 8 wickets for 94 runs played a crucial role in Australia’s victory. His disciplined line and length troubled the English batsmen, helping Australia gain a decisive advantage.

Mitchell Johnson’s Destructive 7-for-40 (Adelaide, 2013)

Mitchell Johnson’s devastating 7-for-40 in the 2013 Ashes series at Adelaide remains etched in cricketing memory. Australia had posted a massive total of 570 runs in their first innings. When England came to bat, they encountered Johnson at the peak of his powers. With raw pace, bounce, and accuracy, Johnson unleashed a relentless onslaught, dismantling the English batting order. His scintillating performance saw him claim seven wickets for a mere 40 runs. 

This mesmerizing spell played a pivotal role in England’s collapse, securing a dominant victory for Australia. Johnson’s display showcased his match-winning abilities and established him as one of cricket’s most fearsome fast bowlers.

Glenn McGrath’s Dominant 7-for-76 (Leeds, 2001)

Glenn McGrath’s dominant display in the fourth Test of the 2001 Ashes series showcased his exceptional bowling skills. After Australia set a competitive total of 447 runs, McGrath took center stage with his relentless accuracy and control. His figures of 7 wickets for 76 runs left the English batsmen struggling to cope with his precision. McGrath’s exceptional performance played a crucial role in restricting England to 309 runs. This standout moment exemplified his mastery as a fast bowler and solidified his status as one of Australia’s finest.

Andy Caddick’s Magnificent 7-for-94 (Sydney 2002/03)

The final match of the 2002-03 Ashes series held significant importance for England, who had lost all previous four games and were determined to avoid a whitewash. Setting a challenging target of 452 runs for Australia, England fought fiercely to salvage their pride. In a remarkable turn of events, Andy Caddick emerged as the hero with his sensational bowling performance. Caddick’s remarkable figures of 7 wickets for 94 runs decimated the Australian batting order and paved the way for England’s emphatic victory by a massive margin of 225 runs. This memorable display of bowling showcased Caddick’s skill and played a vital role in England’s face-saving triumph.

Ryan Harris’s Impactful 7-for-117 (Chester-le-Street 2013)

In the fourth Test of the 2013 Ashes series in England, Ryan Harris displayed his bowling prowess and contributed significantly to Australia’s campaign. With Australia holding a narrow first-innings lead of 32 runs, Harris took charge and led the attack against the English batsmen. Despite his commendable efforts, England managed to score steadily and posted a total of 330 runs. Harris finished the innings with impressive figures of 7 wickets for 117 runs.

Shane Warne’s Determined 7-for-165 (Oval 2001)

In the final Test of the 2001 Ashes series, Shane Warne displayed his masterful spin-bowling skills. After Australia posted a colossal total of 641 runs, Warne relentlessly attacked the English batters. His seven wickets for 165 runs showcased his ability to trouble the opposition consistently. With exceptional control and variations, Warne applied immense pressure, securing crucial breakthroughs. His determination to enforce the follow-on played a significant role in Australia’s dominance, ultimately leading them to a resounding victory and underlining Warne’s status as a legendary spinner.

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Scott Boland’s Sensational 6-for-7 (Melbourne 2021)

Scott Boland’s sensational debut during the 2021 Ashes series left a lasting impact on the Boxing Day Test. With Australia holding a significant first-innings lead, Boland unleashed a relentless assault on the English batsmen. His exceptional pace, accuracy, and aggression were on full display as he decimated the opposition with remarkable figures of 6 wickets for a mere 7 runs. Boland’s devastating spell left the English line-up in disarray and played a crucial role in Australia’s emphatic victory. This remarkable debut established Boland as a rising star and a force to be reckoned with in the Ashes.

Whether it was through spin, pace, accuracy, or sheer dominance, they showcased their mastery of the craft and played instrumental roles in securing victories for their respective teams. These performances are a testament to the intensity and competitiveness of the Ashes series, leaving cricket fans in awe and creating everlasting memories.

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