Top 10 Successfully Chased 4th Innings Totals in Indian Venues

The 4th innings of a Test match are the most difficult time to bat in any conditions, but more so in Indian conditions. A lot of teams, including India at times struggle to successfully chase down the total when batting last. It has a lot to do with the wear & tear in the wicket by then and there is also a huge amount of pressure in a 4th innings chase.

Only once a target of over 300 has been achieved by a team is a testament to the above statement. Many times, the team playing last fail to put on even a fight when playing in India. They most often than not succumb to the opposition spinners and largely struggle against them as surfaces aid them a lot.

In spite of all this, there have been some memorable successful run chases completed by teams in India since the first Test match held in the country in 1933. We will look at the top 10 successfully chased 4th innings total in Indian venues.

West IndiesIndia276/51987Delhi
IndiaWest Indies276/52011Delhi
IndiaNew Zealand262/52012Bangalore
Top 10 successfully chased 4th innings total in Indian venues

Key highlights from the above stats

387/4 at Chennai is the highest successful run-chase achieved by India in India in Test cricket and it is also the highest ever done by any team in India. It is the 2nd highest ever chase completed by India in their Test history, after their 406/4 at Port of Spain against West Indies in 1976. Here’s the top highest successful run chases by India in Test cricket.

A total of 250 plus has been successfully chased down by a team only on 5 occasions and 4 of them were by the home team, India.

India and West Indies chased down the exact same score (276/5) against one another 24 years apart at the same venue, Arun Jaitley stadium, Delhi.

7 out of the top-10 highest successful run-chases in Test cricket in India are done by India. The other teams to have featured in the list are West Indies, Australia, and England. They have their names on 1 occasion each, all of which came against India.

Of the 7 times, India has achieved their target, 3 of those came against Australia. 2 of them came in Australia’s tour of India in the year 2010.

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Delhi has seen 4 of these top-10 successful run-chase done in India. Bangalore comes next with 3 of such chases.

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