What is Delhi Daredevils team missing?

When the team DD started their journey in IPL, nobody would have thought they will be a big failure in IPL.

Supremely, IPL is a franchise game. What do you think is the main asset of any franchise in IPL. Their players and their performances are important, obviously. But over all of them, the reputation of the team matters. And that’s what Daredevils miss in IPL.

Somehow or other, the Daredevils Management has failed to create the brand value irrespective of their team performance in IPL.

IPL Teams

Delhi, the Capital City has produced many match winning players for the country in the last few years. Particularly Kohli, Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhawan, Ishant has been from Delhi. Interestingly, Sehwag and Gambhir played and captained DD in earlier versions. And Still DD has failed to capture the most needed fan support.

Letting go of players who could have created a positive pulse on Fans is the major mistake DD has done. They should have learnt from the teams like RCB, MI and CSK (even if they are not part of last two IPL, they still has their fan base steady), who has never changed their core players for the span of 10 years. They​ bought and sell other players around the core players as per their need. But they never changed their core players.

Even the one year old franchise, Gujarat Lions have more fan base than DD, thanks to their management strategy of picking reputed players and sustaining them for the second year. Irrespective of the spot-fixing allegations that hit the tourney on 2015, the Indian Premier League continues to grow at a rapid pace.


If you see the Twitter battles and Fan supports in other social media, you can easily agree with my thoughts. Or just ask your Delhi friends, if you have any, whom do they support. They must be actually confused on why they should follow their own team if none of their own players are in it.

Twitter Battle for a match between RCB and DD last year (IPL 2016)

Lack of Regular Team Composition in Delhi Daredevils Team

And secondly, to build a team that could win a tournament like IPL, it need players who gels well with the other team members. With IPL played only for two months span every year, the team needs players who plays regularly for the team. DD has a habit of releasing most of their players after one poor show and bringing in a bunch of new players for the next year.

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Sehwag and Gambhir played for DD in IPL 2008

Imagine a captain’s pressure on building a rapport among the team players when a new group of players comes in every year. Added to that DD changes their captains too almost every year. DD had changed 10 captains in IPL tournaments already. Can you believe it?

When players like Kohli, Sehwag and Gambhir from Delhi being the integral part of other franchises, DD never tried to have the home crowd support. The empty stadium last year in Feroz Shah Kotla throughout the tournament told the story of disappointed fan base.


What DD have to do to build in the reputation?

With the teams shuffling the players next year as the contracts for the players are getting expired, DD should use this opportunity to build back what they have missed in the first 10 years of the tournament.

  • Build a core team and support them to form a perfect base for the supporters to follow.
  • Make use of the Capital City’s rich cricketing genes into their team composition for more reputation.
  • Get in and retain one or two players who could single-handedly bring people to the stadium.
  • Invest in Brand Building especially in Social Media, Sorry to say that whatever they have used, nothing worked.

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