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Cricket Betting in India: Why It’s So Popular

The most popular sport worldwide is football and true enough, this is what many countries enjoy including the UK, Ireland, and Australia. It is also well-liked in India but nothing beats cricket when it comes to popularity and that said, cricket is also the most wagered on sport in the country.

MyBetting reported last year that around 140 million people participate in Indian betting regularly while 370 million would place bets on major events. 80% to 90% of these punters bet on cricket, and when it comes to major events, most bet on the Indian Premier League and the ICC Men’s T20.

With those numbers alone, it’s obvious how cricket betting is huge in India, but what gives? What is there about cricket betting that makes many people in the country enjoy it so much? Let’s find out, shall we?

Cricket is Simply the Best Sport in India

Many of the best international cricketers hailed from India. It’s because it’s the sport that is introduced to Indians at a very young age. Cricket clinics are widespread in the country and it’s a sport you can see people of all ages would play on the streets.

One of the biggest cricket tournaments each year is also held in India. The Indian Premier League is something that not only the locals would watch but also cricket fans around the world. 

India has also had success in ICC global tournaments. The national team won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011. In 2007, India was also able to win the T20 World Cup. They also won the ICC Champions Trophy twice which happened in 2002 and 2013. 

Even if they haven’t won tournaments, India is always part of the runners-up. They are simply a tough opponent in the world of cricket. 

And as India does well in tournaments, more locals are lured into the following cricket. The young ones would aspire to be big cricketers one day and many are continuously working on getting into professional teams to bring honor and of course to enjoy how luxurious the industry can be.

It’s a Great Way to Earn Money

Many are also attracted to cricket betting because of how it’s an easy way to make profits or simply a few extra funds. It’s a fun activity that can make you win money, so who wouldn’t like that?

India is naturally fond of gambling activities too. Aside from cricket betting, card games are very popular too. This is why there are traditional Indian card games that are also gaining popularity worldwide like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Even people outside the country would bet on cricket events. This is because cricket is a pretty simple sport. It’s easy to play, hence it’s easy to understand. International cricket tournaments are also gaining more popularity.

Also, if you choose to focus on cricket betting, you’ll love that there are major cricket events year-round. Cricket has one of the busiest calendars, so if you’re after making profits, it’s simply ideal. No need to wait for an off-season to finish because big cricket leagues are usually back-to-back.

Cricket Betting is Now More Accessible

Cricket betting has seen a significant rise over the last few years. This is mainly thanks to the internet. It’s now easier to place bets because of online sportsbooks. Since online betting is in the gray area in India, many are free to participate in this.

Until now, the Public Gaming Act of 1864 is the basis of gambling regulations in the country. This law is so old that it has no mention of anything online. You’d think that the Information Technology Act of 2000 would also mention online gambling, but it doesn’t.

So, Indians can place their bets on offshore casinos anytime they want to without getting into any trouble. Many prefer placing bets online because gambling is only regulated in three states in India which are Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. Of course, not everyone would like to travel to these places every time they want to place bets.

India’s internet connection has also improved so much over the years. More and more people are also getting access to the latest mobile devices. Because of this, most bets placed online are from mobile users. That’s why online betting operators are now releasing betting apps. The ones that don’t make sure that their site is optimised for mobile usage.


The cricket betting industry is estimated to be valued at 150 billion USD. GiiResearch reports that it is projected to reach 182 billion USD by 2030 with a CAGR of 10.2%. 

It’s unlikely that cricket betting will lose its flames in the coming years. India continues to enjoy cricket and betting naturally comes with that.

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