5 Bowlers who never bowled a No Ball in cricket

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Welcome back to the Cricket Facts section once again. No ball in cricket has always been a major concern for the bowler and the bowling team. With the No ball rules in cricket keep changing and with the free hits coming into the act, it has become a thing of Must to control. Read below to find the 5 Bowlers who have never bowled a No Ball in Cricket.

Cricket History has seen very few bowlers, who have been more disciplined with their bowling run up and delivery. A Disciplined bowler, who bowls no extras, will always be an asset for the bowling captain in any International Cricket.


Did Kapil Dev never bowl a No-Ball?

Kapil Dev, India’s best all-rounder till date, has been credited in few sources with a fact that he has never bowled a No-Ball in Cricket during his long career.

But the truth is, he did. Not once. According to Stats, he has bowled around 20 No-Balls in Test Cricket.

It is also said that Kapil has bowled a No-Ball in his first over of a test match.

And it doesn’t mean that India’s World-Cup winning captain is short of discipline. 20 No-Balls in a career spanning 131 Tests and 225 ODIs is a huge feat.

Sunil Gavaskar once said that Kapil Dev never bowled No-Balls even during the practice sessions.

Contrastingly for a bowler who sighs away from stepping over the line, Kapil is famously known as an attacking batsman, where he has done stepping down the line in numerous occasions to hit some big sixes.

You can see that in one of my article, where Kapil Dev had hit 4 Sixes in a row to avoid India from follow-on.


Now, coming back to our topic, here are actual 5 bowlers who had never bowled a No-Ball in their career!


5 Disciplined Bowlers who never bowled a No Ball

With free-hit coming into play, No-ball in cricket has become a much more dangerous aspect, whereas the team bowling will have to pay the price, even for the next ball to be bowled. No-balls could prove costlier, if the bowler had taken an important wicket, after stepping up on the same delivery. Jasprit Bumrah’s no-ball against Fakhar Zaman in the recently ended Champions Trophy final was the perfect example on that.

But do you believe, if I say there are were bowlers, who have never bowled a single No-Balls in their career? Yes, there were. So here is the list of bowlers who have never bowled No-Balls in their Career.


1. Ian Botham

Ian Botham no no-ball
Ian Botham

The English All-rounder played 102 test matches and picked up 383 wickets without bowling a single no-ball. He holds the record for most number of test matches without bowling a single no-ball.



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2.Imran Khan


Imran Khan no no-ball
Imran Khan

Second to Ian, comes a Pakistani fast bowler, Imran Khan.  Imran Khan played 88 Tests and got 362 wickets for Pakistan. During this time he did not have a no-ball bowled.


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3.Lance Gibbs


Lance Gibbs no no-ball
Lance Gibbs

Then comes a West Indian bowler, L Gibbs, for his disciplined stats of 79 matches without a single no-ball. Also, the only spinner to be on this list.





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4.Dennis Lillee


Dennis Lillee no no-ball
Dennis Lillee

The next disciplined bowler to come into this list is Dennis Lillee, an Australian bowler. Lillee had played 70 test matches without throwing a single no-ball and picked up 355 wickets.


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5.Trueman F.S

Trueman no no-ball
Trueman F.C.

Another English man, who was most appreciated for his more disciplined bowling run-up – Trueman FS had never a No-Ball in his career.


To Close

Even there are reports saying that these bowlers have bowled No-balls in some part of their career but there are no exact statistics capturing technology to spot those no-balls.

Also, due to the fact that the No-Balls were not exactly recorded as No-Ball in early times, but just as Extras, makes things more difficult for finding the truth.

Anyhow, the above bowlers are known for their best of disciplines to stay behind the line. These 5 Bowlers Imran Khan, Dennis Lillee, Lance Gibbs, Ian Botham & Trueman F.C. are known to bowl almost no No-Balls in Cricket.


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