47 Records held by MS Dhoni in International Cricket [All formats]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the master of ODI cricket. He redefined the way India take on opponents in the shorter formats when he was captaining the Indian side.

His views of cricket are totally different from any other cricketer. If you’re not a Dhoni fan, go through the following facts. It will give you the image of why Dhoni has been the most celebrated player in the cricketing world. 

Let us dive deep into our list of 47 career records of MS Dhoni.

Dhoni Test Records

  • Indian wicket-keeper with the highest number of dismissals in Test cricket- 294 (256 catches, 38 stumpings).
  • The only Indian wicket-keeper to take more than 200 catches in Test cricket—a total of 256 catches.
  • MSD holds the record of captaining the most number of Test matches for India- 60 games. Soon it will be surpassed by Virat Kohli, who has already captained 55 matches.
  • Again, MSD holds the record of captaining most number of matches as a wicket-keeper in Test cricket – 60 matches.

Records broken during Dhoni’s Test highest score – 224

MS Dhoni’s 224 vs. Australia at Chennai in 2013 has brought in few records to his name. They are listed below. 

Dhoni 224 vs Australia in Chennai
  • Dhoni is the first Indian wicketkeeper to complete 4,000 test runs.
  • The Indian No.6 became the first Indian wicket-keeper to score a double-hundred in Test cricket. 
  • He became the fourth Indian Captain to score a double-hundred.
  • He is also the first Indian Captain to score a double ton against Australia

Dhoni ODI Records

Dhoni wicket keeping skills
  • MS Dhoni holds the record for the highest number of dismissals by an Indian wicket-keeper in ODI- 444 (321 catches, 123 stumpings). 
  • The only Indian wicket-keeper to go beyond the 200 and 300 catches mark in ODI. Dhoni has caught 321 wickets.
  • He is the only Indian wicket-keeper to have 6 dismissals in an innings- 5 catches and 1 stumping against England in 2007.
  • First Asian wicket-keeper to make 20+ dismissals in an ODI series (21 dismissals in Commonwealth Bank Series, 2007/08). Kumar Sangakkara holds the second position by making 17 dismissals.
  • The only wicket-keeper to go beyond 100 stumpings in ODI history. He has made a total of 123 stumpings. The second in the list is Kumar Sangakkara, with 99 stumpings.
  • The only Indian wicket-keeper to make 3 stumpings in an ODI innings. And he has done it 3 times in his career.
  • MS Dhoni has conceded 24 runs for byes throughout the ICC World Cup 2019, which is the highest by any wicket-keeper.
  • The only Indian Captain to lead the team for 200 ODI matches.
  • Also, the only Indian Captain to win more than 100 matches for India. As a Captain, he has won 110 matches for India. 
  • Dhoni holds the record of highest runs in an ODI innings as a wicket-keeper – 183.
  • The only Indian wicket-keeper to score more than 300 runs in an ODI series. He scored 347 runs in Commonwealth Bank Series 2007/08.
  • The former Indian Captain holds the record for the most runs scored at No.6 position in ODI.
  • MSD is the 2nd ever wicket-keeper to reach 10K runs in ODI.
  • First batsman to cross 10K runs with an average of more than 50.
  • Dhoni became the first Indian batsman to score more than 200 sixes. 
  • 3rd oldest batsman to reach 10000 mark in ODIs, after Tillakaratne Dilshan and Brian Lara.
  • MSD was the man of the match in the final of ICC World Cup 2011 for his match-winning 91 runs.
  • India’s former skipper is the fastest player to reach the No.1 spot in the ICC batsman list. He entered the first position in just 42 innings.

Dhoni T20I Records

  • MSD tops the keepers list with the most number of dismissals in T20 international – 91 ( 57 catches, 34 stumpings).
  • Dhoni has picked the most number of catches as a wicket-keeper – 57 
  • He holds the record for the most number of stumpings- 34.
  • He has picked the most number of catches in a T20 innings- 5.
  • Appeared in the most number of matches as a skipper- 72 matches. 
  • Dhoni enjoys the record of most numbers of matches won as a skipper- 41 matches.
  • Also, the most number of matches lost as a skipper – 28 matches. 

Dhoni All-formats Records

  • The only Captain in cricketing history to win ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy and ICC T20 World Cup.
  • Dhoni is the only Indian wicket-keeper who has dismissed 829 wickets, which includes 634 catches and 195 stumpings.
  • The former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman holds the record for the most number of stumpings in International cricket -195.
  • MSD holds the record of most number of sixes by a Captain in International cricket – 204.
  • Dhoni bowled nine times in International cricket, thereby topping a strange list of wicket-keepers who bowled most time in the international cricket.

Dhoni IPL Records

  • Under MS Dhoni’s captaincy, Chennai Super Kings have won three IPL titles and two Champions League titles.
  • Out of the 10 seasons participated in IPL, Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings has reached the playoffs in all the 10 seasons. 
  • Dhoni holds the record of most number of matches as a captain in IPL – 174 matches
  • Most numbers of matches won as a captain in IPL – 104 matches
  • MS Dhoni became the 1st captain to win 100 matches in the Indian Premier League
  • Most number of matches lost as a captain in IPL- 69 matches
  • Most number of dismissals as a wicket-keeper- 132 (94 catches, 38 stumpings)
  • Most number of Stumpings – 38


Of course, Dhoni has failed to score in many situations. He was too defensive as a Test captain. His overseas records were pinpointed to push his name down. 

But he was not offended by those facts, MSD has his own role of playing till the end of the innings with his unorthodox power-hitting shots and extracting the best from the batsman from the other end. 

His stats in wicket-keeping shows how precious he has been in the business. 

Inarticle 80

His captaincy record has shown us how smart he is. 

Let’s celebrate what India has got from this legend. Finding the right replacement for this iconic player is already a big challenge for BCCI

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