Most (5 Wickets + Century) in Test Cricket

An All-rounder’s job in Test cricket never stops when he scores a century or picks a 5-wickets haul in an innings. It has to happen together.

On that scale, here we are to discuss on a player who has picked 5 Wickets & a Century in a same test match, most times in Test Cricket.

Ian Botham, who played for England in the time period of 1976-1992, is the one who had done this most valuable contribution to his team, 5 times in his career.

Ravichandran Ashwin has done it thrice so far.

Ian Botham’s list of 5-Wicket Haul in a Test Innings + a Century in the same match

  1. Scored 103 & picked 5/73 vs New Zealand, Christchurch, 1978 –> SCORECARD
  2. Scored 108 & picked 8/34 vs Pakistan, Lord’s, 1978 –> SCORECARD
  3. Scored 114 & picked 6/58 & 7/48 vs India, Mumbai, 1980 –> SCORECARD
  4. Scored 149* & picked 6/95 vs Australia, Leeds, 1981 –> SCORECARD
  5. Scored 138 & picked 5/59 vs New Zealand, Wellington, 1984 –> SCORECARD

The Record for the best bowling figure after scoring a Century in the same Test Match also goes to Ian Botham in the match against Pakistan, where he picked 8/34.

The other cricketers who have picked 5 Wickets & a Century in the same match, more than once are:

  • Ravichandran Ashwin (India) – 3
  • Sir Garry Sobers (West Indies) – 2
  • Mushtaq Mohammad (Pakistan) – 2
  • Jacques Kallis (South Africa) – 2
  • Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh) – 2

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100 Runs and 10 Wickets in a Test Match

Players with 10 Wickets & Century in a Test Match
Ian Botham – Imran Khan

On the match against India in 1980, Ian Botham picked 10 Wickets in the Match and scored a Century. (Check #3 in the above list)

It is one of the 3 incidents when a player scores a Century and picks a 10-wickets haul in a Test Match.

Others: Imran Khan (Pakistan) & Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh).

To close

Ian Botham was a tremendous All-rounder for England during his times.

His contribution of 383 Test Wickets & 5200 Test Runs in 102 Tests tells the same story.

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