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Australia vs Pakistan Head-to-Head in Test Cricket

Australia and Pakistan have been competitive sides in the longer format of the game. Over the years, both sides have produced some memorable performances in Test cricket.

In that process, both sides have squared off on many occasions in the Test format since 1956. Going by the head-to-head stats, Australia has a clear edge over Pakistan in close to 70 Test matches played between them.

Here, we’ll have a look at the head-to-head stats between Australia and Pakistan in Test cricket.

Australia vs Pakistan: Head-to-Head in Test

Matches Played72
Australia Won37
Pakistan Won15

Pakistan lags behind Australia by a wide gap, and they have a long way to go to match the level of their counterpart. 

Since the turn of the century, Australia alone has registered more wins against Pakistan than Pakistan has won overall matches against them. 

Australia vs Pakistan (in Australia)

Matches Played40
Australia Won29
Pakistan Won4

Australia is a beast in their backyard, having a clear upper hand over Pakistan. They have registered over 25 wins against Pakistan. 

And since 1995, Pakistan hasn’t won a single Test, let alone drawn a match. So this is a clear indication of how dominant Australia is against Pakistan.

Australia vs Pakistan (in Pakistan)

Matches Played23
Australia Won4
Pakistan Won7

The story is exactly the opposite when it comes to these sides clashing in Pakistan. Pakistan has won more matches than Australia, but over 12 matches have ended in a draw.

When Australia toured in 2022, they won their first series after 24 years, as they bagged the series by 1-0.

Australia vs Pakistan (at Neutral Venues)

Matches Played9
Australia Won4
Pakistan Won4

The Australia vs Pakistan record at neutral venues is pretty equal, with both teams having won 4 matches each. Most of these matches were played in the UAE, which acted as the home venue for Pakistan for a long time. 

Interestingly, both sides played one Test match in Sri Lanka in 2002, which Australia won by 41 runs. Eventually, Australia also won the Test series that year by 3-0 played across Sri Lanka and the UAE.

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